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Amber Essential Oil 8 Benefits & Uses

Amber Essential Oil BenefitsIn this article you will discover the health benefits of Amber essential oil. But first what is amber oil?

Amber essential oil is an interesting type of oil that is extensively used in aromatherapy and in the alternative medicine field. This oil is made from various fossilized resins (those that are derived from the barks of different trees), a variety of essential oils and some gums of certain ‘special’ trees.

Amber oil cannot be classified as a “true” essential oil for this reason. This is because a true essential oil is one that is obtained from a specific natural herbal plant or tree.

Some of the trees that produce the fossilized Amber resins are believed to be millions of years old. Hence, making Amber essential oil to be a special and valuable compound. There is currently no standard Amber essential oil, being sold in the market.


A majority of these oils contain either synthetic carrier or fragrance oils. This means that their chemical composition and fragrance may vary depending on various factors.

Amber Essential Oil Health Benefits

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Below are the common Amber essential oil benefits. Kindly note that there is NO sufficient scientific research that has been carried out on this essential oil.

Most of the benefits discussed in this informative guide rely almost entirely on the anecdotal evidence. That has been provided by various credible aromatherapy experts and licensed herbalists.


1. Alleviating Pain

Amber essential oil contains powerful analgesic properties. That can be used to reduce and even alleviate various types of pain. This local pain killer also has powerful anti-spasmodic properties. That can be very effective in terms of treating nervous system, digestive and respiratory spasms. Amber oil can be applied topically on the affected area to alleviate pain.

Alleviating Pain

The essential oil can also be diluted with any popular natural carrier oil to produce a soothing potent massage blend. Kindly ensure that you always dilute your Amber essential oil before you apply it directly to your skin.

2. Improving Blood Circulation

Massaging Amber essential oil on your body has been scientifically proven to help in improving blood circulation. This popular aromatherapy practice can facilitate the deeper penetration of blood into all major body tissues. This will, in turn, result in various benefits to the body.

Improved blood circulation usually translates into better nutrient and oxygen delivery to all body cells. This helps with faster removal of harmful wastes and toxins from the body.

3. Managing Arthritis

Amber oil contains potent anti-inflammatory compounds that can are used to manage and treat many inflammatory disorders, especially arthritis. Furthermore, arthritis patients can also benefit from Amber essential oil’s ability to improve blood circulation to the joints.

It is often recommended that you combine your Amber oil mixture with benzoin and frankincense oils. This will benefit your stiff and aching joints. The topical application of this essential oil on the affected area is also recommended.

4. Promoting Relaxation

This potent essential oil has a unique aroma that is not only pleasant and non-irritating but also long lasting in nature. Amber oil can easily soothe the mind, thus; making it a great natural treatment option for anxiety, stress, and depression. Apart from helping you to relax your mind. Amber essential oil can also be used in meditation and to induce sleep (due to its potent sedating effect).


By eliminating negativity from the mind the essential oil ends up bringing an influx of pleasant and happy thoughts. According to credible scientific studies. Amber oil has the ability to relax brain waves, particularly theta, beta and alpha waves. This is due to its psychoactive effect.

5. Better Skin and Hair Development

Amber oil can be used to clean and rejuvenate the skin and also provide your hair with a lovely shine. The oil is believed to minimize aging due to its ability to stimulate new cells. Thus, providing you with youthful, radiant and elastic skin. Amber oil’s anti-aging properties are also attributed to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. That actively prevent the uncontrolled aging of human cells.

The essential oil can also be used to treat a wide variety of skin disorders. These including acne, psoriasis and dandruff just to name a few. Improved blood circulation to the skin is also guaranteed to result in a clear, radiant and bright skin.

6. Alleviating Multiple Respiratory Issues

Amber essential oil can be used to alleviate a wide variety of respiratory issues. The oil is a great expectorant that can be used to get rid of the stubborn mucus. That has accumulated in the respiratory system. People with bronchitis or asthma can benefit from massaging Amber oil on their chests or inhaling its steam.

The oil is also a potent anti-inflammatory agent that can be used to minimize nasal passage inflammation to open up one’s airways. You can use Amber oil to treat your breathing problems. For example chest congestion, cold symptoms, and convulsions.

7. Boosting the Immune System

Amber oil is an effective febrifuge that can be used to alleviate fever. The essential oil also contains powerful antimicrobial properties. These antimicrobial properties can be used to combat various disease-causing bacterial organisms. By improving blood circulation. Amber oil ends up facilitating the easier transportation of white blood cells to sites of damage and infection.

Amber oil’s ability to minimize inflammation helps the lymphatic system which is one of the main parts of the body’s immune system to function optimally.

8. Increased Sexual Stimulation

Amber essential oil is an effective aphrodisiac that can be used to increase sexual stimulation. Thus, you can spice up your sex life. This is often attributed Amber oil’s ability to relax the mind and improve blood circulation to the male and female sexual organs. Various natural essential oils have often been believed to have potent aphrodisiac properties. It is, however, important for you to experiment with all of them to identify one that really works for you.


Amber essential oil is generally considered to be safe for use by adults. However, you should always read the fine print to identify some of the other ‘alien’ elements that have been added to your essential oil. This will help you to make an informed decision in terms of what you are likely to expect from using the Amber oil product you have purchased. Pregnant women and people suffering from various diseases should consult their health practitioners before using the essential oil.

Medical information provided is for information purposes only. Always get guidance about a medical condition from a health care professional.

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