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Boneset Herb Benefits

Boneset herbDiscover an old North American Indian remedy for colds and fever and learn why the Native Americans used it for hundreds of years. Keep reading for the full Boneset Herb Benefits for your health.

Boneset, whose scientific name is “Eupatorium perfoliatum” is a special type of highly beneficial herbal plant that belongs to the “Asteraceae” plant family just like the Chamomile and sunflower plants. This particular natural herb is indigenous to North America and can also be found in various parts of Europe.

The Boneset perennial plant which is characterized by its purplish-white flowers, as well as its hairy stalks that usually branch at the top, can grow up to about four to five feet tall. Boneset’s flowers and leaves which are used medicinally contain over 23 different compounds and nutrients.

Some of these nutrients and compounds include zinc, volatile oils, calcium, iron, vitamin A & C, flavonoids, sterols and magnesium among others. Although fairly common the natural herbal plant is not widely used today. However, this does not mean that the potent herbal remedy has no medicinal properties.


6 Proven Boneset Health Benefits

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This is particularly this highly informative article is going to educate you on the top 6 scientifically proven Boneset herb health benefits.

1. Boneset Herb For Fractures

The natural herbal remedy can be consumed to help repair broken or fractured bones, alleviate bone pain and even re-calcify teeth. This is because Boneset tea when regularly drunk increases blood circulation especially to the “periosteum” which is the thin body tissue that surrounds human bones.

The natural herbal remedy has been scientifically proven to build a healthy bone mass, hence; can be used to alleviate various symptoms of muscular rheumatism as well as to treat arthritis. Apart from that, the natural herbal infusion also works on the nerves and joints both of which are major parts of the skeletal system.

2. Boosting The Immune System

Boneset is also a good immune booster. According to various scientific studies, the natural herbal remedy plays a major role in stimulating the production of white blood cells that effectively work to destroy any disease-causing micro-organisms. The natural herb also improves both slow recovery and poor immune response.

Human immune system

Animal studies that were carried out on the herbal plant also revealed that Boneset contains various chemical compounds (rutin and flavonoids) that work together to protect blood vessels against inflammation.

Boneset’s potent antibacterial property also helps the body to form a powerful shield against various disease-causing organisms.

3. Alleviating Digestive Issues

Boneset herbal tea can be consumed to address various common digestive problems. The herbal remedy can be consumed to increase appetite, eliminate stomach parasites and worms, alleviate constipation, treat indigestion and offer relief against stomach muscle tension among other common digestive related problems.

It is popularly recommended that you regularly drink a relatively cold Boneset tea about 30 minutes before you eat any meal if you want to alleviate multiple common digestive issues.

The fact that Boneset herbal tea is both a mild laxative and diuretic makes it a potent constipation remedy that can also be used to induce urine flow.

4. Alleviating fever

The Boneset herb which is also known as the “sweat plant” can be used to easily alleviate various types of fevers, especially through inducing sweat. This is because Boneset is an effective diaphoretic agent which encourages sweating when consumed. By encouraging sweating, the natural diaphoretic agent forces the body to not only cool down but to also release several harmful toxins through the skin.

The natural herb has a long history of being effectively used particularly to treat influenza and fever. For instance, Boneset was successfully used to treat influenza during the first World War. This disease alone had led to the death of about 6 to 8 million people during that period.

5. Treating various respiratory issues

Boneset which is a potent anti-catarrhal (catarrhal is the widespread inflammation of the respiratory tract) natural herb can be consumed to offer congestion relief through clearing the mucous present in the upper respiratory tract. The potent herbal infusion can also be used to cure colds and flu.

To do this, simply brew and drink hot Boneset tea. This will not only encourage perspiration but also help in alleviating any aches or soreness associated with the flu or cold. Boneset herbal tea is widely used in Germany to treat multiple viral respiratory infections, including flu and the common cold.

6. Treating malaria

The Boneset natural herbal remedy has been widely used for decades in the homeopathic medicine field to treat malaria. A recent scientific study that was carried out on malaria-infested mice revealed that Boneset might be a good complimentary or alternative malaria medication.

This is because the malaria-infested mice demonstrated a significant reduction in the rate of “Plasmodium” parasite multiplication. Plasmodium(1) is the harmful parasite responsible for causing malaria.


side effectsIt is considered wise to always consult a qualified health practitioner or licensed herbalist before you start using any herbal remedy including Boneset. This is because the natural herb might cause various minor and major side effects that you should be aware of. Boneset despite its multiple health benefits can cause violent diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting, especially when taken in large amounts.

The herbal remedy also contains various relatively toxic compounds that have been scientifically proven to cause liver damage. Pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, and children under the age of six should refrain from using the potent herbal remedy unless under the direct supervision of a qualified doctor. We hope you found Boneset Herb Benefits informative.

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