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19 Impressive Coffee Essential Oil Benefits

Coffee Essential Oil Benefits

Today YOU will Discover 19 Impressive Health Benefits of Coffee essential Oil.

Coffee essential oil popularity has skyrocketed for the last couple of years. It is now popular with various beauty and household product.

This oil is extracted from the coffee bean. The advancement in technology has brought about several techniques that extract this oil from the Arabica coffee beans.


Besides the invigorating fragrances, which activate your mind, the essential coffee oil comes with various health benefits.

Coffee Essential Oil Constituents

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Before looking at the health benefits that come with this essential oil from coffee, let us look at its constituents. Depending on the region where the coffee is grown as well as the extraction process. The essential coffee oil can contain as many as eight hundred compounds. Besides alcohols and terpenes, coffee has a number of other different oils(1). Below are some of the components of cold pressed essential coffee oil.

Stearic Acid

This common oil is only found in animal and vegetable fats. This oil is often included in many skin care products. The essential coffee oil contains this oil making it great surfactant.

Oleic Acid

Also referred as Omega-9, this fatty acid is usually found in fish oil and olive oil supplement. This fatty acid is very important to the body in the functioning of the organs. It is also great for your skin.

Linoleic Acid

This is another fatty acid commonly known as the Omega-6. This oil makes the skin impermeable to water. This sealing prevents the skin from airborne toxins, besides it also conserves the moisture during dry weather. Additionally, the Linoleic acids are powerful antioxidants that fight free radicals(2) preventing various diseases.

Palmitic acid

This is a saturated fatty acid. It might not be great for the diet as it can lead to weight gain; it is very beneficial for the skin. Besides, this acid is also a potent antioxidant.


Though hard to pronounce, this compound is essential for the body. It acts as a serotonin receptor in the brain. There are other studies being conducted in this acid to determine its usefulness as an antipsychotic.

2, 3-dimethyl benzofuran

This is another compound that available in the essential coffee oil. The compound is responsible for the sweet, smoky, woody scent.

The Many Health Benefits and Uses of Coffee Essential Oil

Health Benefits
Health Benefits

This essential oil is harvested by the cold pressed distillation process(3). This essential oil is powerful and has an aroma similar to that of a freshly brewed cup of coffee. This oil is full of antioxidants as well as other active ingredients that provide your body with various health benefits.

As an Antioxidant

The essential coffee oil contains antioxidant properties. This oil contains potent antioxidants that have the ability to combat harmful effects of the free radicals. Studies indicate that antioxidants help to prevent various diseases including lowering the risk of liver cirrhosis and certain types of cancers.

Uplifts Your Mood

Well, drinking a cup of coffee will not only give you with energy but also improves your mood, allowing you to face the day with more confidence. Similar to a fresh cup of coffee, the coffee essential oil has the ability to treat various conditions that affect your nervous system.

These include anxiety, stress, and depression.

To reap these benefits, soak cotton balls in this essential oil and keep them beside your bedside. The sweet aroma has antidepressant properties that remove the sadness feelings, uplifting your mood.

Boosts Immunity

As mentioned, coffee has antioxidant properties that improve the body immunity against various diseases and infections. These antioxidants are responsible for alienating free radicals that cause life-threatening diseases. For this reason, individuals who regularly fall prey to particular chronic disease should consider using this essential oil. The improved immunity will fight these infections and diseases more viciously, keeping your body healthy all the time.

Inhibit Cellulites

Because of the presence of the fatty acids in the coffee essential oils, this product is also very effective in preventing the cellulite. For this reason, this essential oil in now being used in various soaps, shampoos and other various skin care products. The removal of the annoying cellulite in the skin allows you to have a smooth and younger skin.

Aids Respiratory Functions

Many therapists are now using the coffee essential oil vapor in therapy that treats conditions those results because of the chest and nasal congestion. To treat sinus and unblock the congested nasal passage you simply need to inhale some drops of this essential oil.

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For the best results, dilute a few drops of this essential oil in warm water and inhale the vapor. Besides, you can use a vaporizer to fill your room with the invigorating fragrance. By filling your room with this fragrance, you will also improve your mood while still minimizing the fever.

Increases Your Appetite

Sometimes, you can feel that your stomach is full even if you have not eaten anything for long. Some of the things to blame for this include gas and other gastrointestinal problems. Luckily, the invigorating fragrance of the coffee essential oil helps to increase your appetite.

Delays Aging


If it were up to us, we would want to remain sweet 18! During this time, our skin is graceful and appealing to look at. Unfortunately, when most women hit the age of 30, the skin started showing signs of aging. Skin wrinkles and sagging makes us look old and ugly. Of course, we would want to retain our youthful skin.

For this reason, most of us, are constantly looking for products to keep our skin beautiful. Luckily, the essential coffee oil contains various ingredients such as high amounts of fatty acids, vitamin E, antioxidants, and sterols that keep the skin in the best conditions.

These ingredients prevent the skin from DNA degradation, Sunburns, free radical damage, as well as sagging of the skin. Applying this oil will prevent the photoaging. To reap these benefits apply this oil topically. Doing so, will boost collagen production preventing various aging signs including rough skin, wrinkle, as well as crow’s feet development?

Combats Nausea

This is common in pregnant women (see Side Effects). Whenever you are feeling nausea, grab the essential coffee oil and inhale it. Inhaling the aroma clears the annoying nausea symptoms.

Relax Tense Muscles

The essential coffee oil also helps to give a fast relief from muscle pain. To relax the muscles, use the essential oil as a topical analgesic. Dilute the oil with a carrier oil and apply it to the aching muscles. You can also relax the whole body by adding a few drops of the essential oil to your bathing water. This is great for people who workout for long and athletes.

Anticancer Properties

Well, cancer is one of the deadliest disease affecting hundreds of thousands of people globally. This disease affects almost all parts of the body apart from hair and nails. The worst thing about this disease is that it has no particular cure. However; looking on the bright side, you can keep this disease at bay by using the essential coffee oil. This oil contains oleic and Linoleic acid which minimizes the risk of cancer.

Food Additive

You can also use the essential coffee oil as a food additive. You can use it to bring the sweet aroma of beverages and foods. Some of the foods that you can use this essential oil include cakes, chocolate, syrups, as well as pastries.

Ingredient in Aromatherapy

Coffee essential oil is also highly used in the aromatherapy. This oil has various healing effects that improve your health when using in aromatherapy. Inhaling this invigorating fragrance will improve the mental alertness improves your mood and boosts the sense of well being.

Medicinal Use of Coffee Essential Oil

The essential coffee oil also has various medicinal properties that help to improve your general health. You can achieve these benefits by applying it topically or through inhalation.

Heals Insect Stings and Bites

Bug bites and insect’s stings cause’s discomforts and sometimes-excruciating pain. Appling this essential oil topically helps relieve the pain as well as the inflammation. Appling this oil on bug bite will help ease the discomfort by mitigating the irritation.

Ingredient in Skin Care Products

Skin Care
Skin Care

The coffee essential oil demand in the cosmetic industry is very high. You can find this oil in almost all skin care products. It is available in body lotions, skin lotions, beauty products, bath products, creams, massage oils, lipsticks, and soaps. These products help prevent the skin from toxins in the environment and harsh weather conditions.

Good Hygiene

Adding few drops of this essential oil to laundry and towels promotes good hygiene. This essential oil will get rid of the bad odor. Do not also forget to add it to your facial stream to get the body and mind effects.

Helps Calm Acne

With its anti-inflammatory effects, this essential oil also calms the inflamed acne. It also plays a major role in removing bacteria from the skin.

Tightens Around the Eye Area

One of the other aging sign that bothers many individuals is the sagging of the skin around the eye. To prevent sagging of this skin as well as dark circles, dab a small amount of this and massage it in this area

Coffee Essential Oil for Hair

Beneficial For hair treatment. We also have many salon and spas using the essential coffee oil for hair treatments. This oil helps your hair to grow fast and development of strong hair, which is less prone to breaking.

How to Make Coffee Essential Oil

How is Coffee Essential Oil Made? Most people will proper purchase a bottle of essential coffee oil. However, you can still prepare your own essential oil from coffee beans at the comfort of your home. The following is a systematic guide to assist you in extracting the essential coffee oil.

This short Video shows you how to make coffee infused oil  SIMPLE!

What you need

  • Six ounces of roasted or green coffee beans (roasted or green)
  • Six cups of organic extra virgin olive oil
  • Cheesecloth /Strainer
  • Crockpot
  • 32-ounce mason jar


  • Put the beans in the Crockpot
  • Pour the olive oil on the beans and cover them
  • Stir the mixture and switch on the cooker. For unroasted beans, use the high heat completely low heat for roasted beans.
  • Stir the beans after every one hour. For the unroasted beans, minimize the heat after they turn brown
  • Cook the beans for about ten hours. Don’t forget to stir every one hour
  • Take your mason jar and place the cheesecloth on top of it. Next place the strainer on the cheesecloth
  • Scoop the beans from the pot and filter them into the Mason jar
  • Discard the impurities on the cheesecloth and strainer
  • Once you have filtered all the oil, seal your Mason jar and store in a dry, cool, and dark place

Side Effects of Coffee Essential Oil

Most experts consider the coffee essential oil safe to use. However, some side effects can arise. Here are some of the reported side effects.

Skin Irritation

Most essential oils usually cause a mild skin irritation when you use it for the first time. If you have never used it, apply it on a small area of your skin and let it stay for 2 hours. If you find any negative reaction such as itching, redness, or puffiness, do not apply the oil.

Allergic Reactions

Allergic reactions occur when the oil is consumed internally. Never, consume this oil. Only apply it topically or inhale the fumes.

Pregnant women and children

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid using this essential oil. If you have to use it, consult a doctor first. Due to the potent compounds found in this oil; don’t use this oil on children.


Last few words. The best thing about this essential oil is that you can prepare it in your home. However, if you find the extraction process time consuming, take your time so that you purchase quality oil. Purchase pure oils that use the safe extraction methods to avoid purchasing oils that have harsh chemicals.

Looking at the above benefits, each household should have this essential oil. You can acquire it in a local drug store or purchase it online.

Medical information provided is for information purposes only. Always get guidance about a medical condition from a health care professional.

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