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Comfrey Benefits [Uses and Side Effects]

Comfrey Benefits

Today you will learn the full health benefits of the Medicinal Herb Comfrey (Symphytum officinale).

The healing herb Comfrey is a perennial herbal plant that is indigenous to Asia and Europe.

The herb which belongs to the “borage” family.


Also known by the common names: knitbone, yalluc, boneset, ass ear, gum plant, slippery root, bruisewort, and blackwort.

Both the plant’s roots and leaves are used in the alternative medicine field.

Proven Comfrey Health Benefits

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According to multiple scientific studies. Comfrey contains various essential compounds. These include allantoin, vitamin B12, mucopolysaccharides, mucilage and rosemarinic acid. This among others that provide the herb with its amazing medicinal properties. Below are the top six scientifically proven Comfrey benefits.

1. Healing of Wounds

The Comfrey herb can be topically applied to stop bleeding and even speed up the rate at which minor skin wounds heal. This is because the herbal remedy contains potent antioxidants. That prevent the death of cells. While also actively working to eliminate any potentially harmful substances.

Comfrey is also quite rich in vitamin C and allantoin. Both of which work to stimulate the growth of new, healthy skin cells. The natural herbal remedy can also be topically applied to heal skin rashes, insect bites, burns and bed sores.

It’s, however, important to note that Comfrey is not recommended for deep wounds. This is because the herbal remedy may force the outer skin tissue to heal faster than the deeper skin tissue. This may end up causing an abscess(1).

2. Repairing Bone Fractures

injured bones

As noted in the introductory section. Comfrey can also be referred to as “knitbone.” This may be due to the fact that the amazing herb has help to heal broken bones for very many years now. According to the “University of Maryland Medical Center,”. The Comfrey herb is a very rich source of calcium.

The body needs Calcium to make strong, healthy bones. Apart from that, Comfrey also contains rosmarinic acid (a potent antioxidant). Which can reconstruct torn or injured bones and muscles.

The powder obtained from the potent herb can cure cavities and even stimulate the growth of new teeth(2).

3. Improving the Skin

Improving the skin

Recent scientific studies indicate that the comfrey herb can improve the skin. This is because Comfrey contains allantoin(3). Which has been scientifically proven to facilitate the regeneration of various connective tissues. While also actively aiding in the growth of new skin cells.

The skin-friendly herb can also be topically applied to prevent the common signs of aging. Various scientific findings reveal that Comfrey contains various astringent compounds. These work to draw all skin cells together. This will, in turn, end up toning the skin.

Comfrey is also a great moisturizer that can be applied to alleviate sensitive or dry skin. There are also certain scientific studies that indicate that the Comfrey herb can be topically applied to alleviate diaper rash.

4. Alleviating Pain

Alleviating Pain

According to the “British Journal of Sports Medicine,”. The natural herbal remedy can be topically applied to decrease perceived pain by over 95 percent. This can be quite helpful for anyone who is suffering from chronic pain or just recovering from surgery or an injury.

A recent scientific study published in the “Phytotherapy Research” journal revealed that the herbal remedy can be topically applied to alleviate both upper and lower back pain. Comfrey’s potent analgesic properties are mainly due to the rosmarinic acid found in the herb.

Various clinical trials indicate that Comfrey is quite effective. When it comes to treating sprains and muscle pain(4).

5. Fighting Inflammation

People suffering from osteoarthritis, gout, arthritis or any other type inflammatory disorder can benefit greatly from using Comfrey. This is because the beneficial herb contains tannins and saponins. Among other anti-inflammatory compounds that actively work together to combat inflammation.

Just as discussed earlier, Comfrey herb has the unique ability to alleviate pain, heal bones and even close up minor wounds. All these three conditions are linked to inflammation. Thus; making Comfrey a potent natural herbal remedy that can be topically applied to alleviate and even prevent the disorder.

A 2011 scientific study published in the “Chiropractic Medicine” journal revealed that the Comfrey herb(5). Can increase mobility, relieve stiffness and improve physical functions in arthritis patients. The researchers also insisted that all these amazing benefits can be realized within hours.

6. Treating Multiple Respiratory Issues

Comfrey can act as a potent expectorant when rubbed against the chest or inhaled. This, will, in turn, help to get rid of the mucous and other foreign material. That is ‘stuck’ in the trachea, lungs or bronchi. This then means that the potent herb can be easily used to unclog the sinuses and the human respiratory tracts.

The mucilage found in Comfrey can also be quite helpful in soothing the lungs and the body’s mucous membrane. Thus; providing relief against sore throat. While also working to alleviate cough and cold in the process.

Comfrey Herb Side Effects

side effects
Side Effects

Various countries, including Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, the United States and Australia have banned the sale and distribution of any oral products that contain Comfrey.

This is because Comfrey has been discovered to contain harmful pyrrolizidine alkaloids(6). These alkaloids have been scientifically proven to be hepatotoxic (having the ability to damage the liver). When the herb is taken internally.

  • Comfrey should be avoided by breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women.
  • The natural herbal remedy should only be used topically for obvious reasons.
  • Comfrey should never be used alongside medications that have the ability to damage the liver.

People who need to use Comfrey internally for any reason whatsoever should consult a medical practitioner before doing so.


All the top 6 benefits provided in this guide prove that Comfrey is a potent natural herbal remedy. It is, however, important to avoid taking the herb internally. This due to the various serious side effects highlighted above.

Doing a skin patch test is also recommended before applying the natural herb. This will help you identify whether you are allergic to the herb.

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Medical information provided is for information purposes only. Always get guidance about a medical condition from a health care professional.

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