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Dill Herb

Dill is a popular culinary herb. It is used with us especially as an accompaniment to fish, but can do much more: seeds, flowers, leaves and ends impart numerous dishes the typical spicy dill flavor. Here you will find interesting facts about the health benefits and kitchen tips for Dill.

Dill, Anethum graveolens botanically belongs to the carrot family such as fennel. Externally is delicate and feathery dill, therefore, but its taste has it all: its typical strong tart sweet flavor can be versatile inserting in the kitchen. Especially in the Scandinavian and German cuisine, he is popular: gravlax, marinades, sauce, stews, and cucumbers – is inserted or as a salad – lends its special taste the sweet and savory spice.

The origin of fine herbs is controversial, probably originates from southern Europe or Asia Dill. In the Middle Ages it was used as a culinary herb for inserting and seasoning food and valued for its antispasmodic action. The strong aroma of dill is compatible with most simple herbs such as parsley, garlic and tarragon.



Wild Dill comes before only rarely, he prefers sunny, humid and mainly windless place to protect its delicate leaves and flowers. Dill is available throughout, sown in the field throughout the year, it is harvested from May to June and is aroma dished at this time on. The herb tastes best fresh, through drying it loses its flavor – only the fine yellow fruit and the brown seeds gap have also dried on a strong dill flavor. Leaves can be excellent contrast freeze without losing its flavor. Fresh dill keeps moist chilled for several weeks in the refrigerator.

The chopped dill or sheets always until the very end to give food, because volatilized by heating for too long their flavor.

Dill Herb


The whole dill plant can be used for the kitchen: The blown dill crowns, called borage, flavoring pickles and cucumber salads, dill and dill leaves are bitter in Arom and refine all kinds of food and fine dressings, the dill seeds have the most intense taste and from seeds and fruits gained essential oils stimulate the appetite and have a soothing effect on the stomach and digestion. Minerals potassium and sodium are in Dill also.

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