Health Benefits of Herbs

10 Easy Herbs to Grow

easy herbs to growGrowing herbs can give you a lot of satisfaction and benefits. Herbs are plants that are generally used for flavoring, food, medicine and even perfume. The term ‘herbs’ specifically refers to a plant’s leafy green parts. People who are greatly familiar with all the uses of herbs prefer to grow herbs at home.

The most common herbs to grow at home can help a family in different aspects. Below is the list of the 10 easy herbs to grow at home that you must definitely plant in your garden. These are some of the easiest herbs to grow. In fact you have to be carefull that they don,t take over your whole garden, particularly mint which can be invasive.

Herbs to Grow

1. Lemongrass


Lemongrass has a very strong flavor of lemon citrus and it is commonly used in making teas. Dishes under Asian cuisine commonly use lemongrass. The two types of lemon grass are West Indian. These two types of lemongrass need to be planted in a place with a tropical humidity. Lemongrass can only survive in places that are warm. If you want to grow lemongrass, you can use planting beds or pots. It is better to grow lemongrass indoor when the weather outside is cold.

2. Mint

Peppermint and spearmint both grow like weeds. These herbs are invasive so do not plant them near other herbs. If you can only grow herbs indoors, then it is better to choose peppermint over spearmint since peppermint has higher minty effect compared with spearmint. If your space is limited, you can grow peppermint in a pot. You can start planting peppermint through its seeds. Remember not to use its leaf cuttings or root if you want to grow peppermint because it will cause a bad condition to the plant. Just remember to place the pot in a place where the herbs can get a bit of sunlight every day.

3. Chives


Chives is one of the best herbs to grow indoors. Chives do not require much sunlight so you do not need to worry about creating a specific place for this herb. Even though it doesn’t need much light, you can expect it to be prolific in growing its leaves.

In order to grow chives indoors, you can start by planting its roots in a small pot and covering the roots with soil. Then just cut about one-third of the plant for it to quickly grow.

4. Parsley

Parsley is also one of the herbs that is very easy to grow. There is just one thing that will be a bit difficult to do. Germinating the seeds will require some care and patience. The seeds will eventually grow after two weeks or more so you must be really patient if you want to grow this herb. Also, remember that the growth of this herb is slower than other herbs so you will also need to wait a lot of time before you can do your first harvest.

5. Thyme


Thyme is basically used for grilling marinades and for cooking stews. Thyme is also a low growing pant. A lot of people love the lemon thyme because of its ground cover. Planting thyme is very easy. You just need to place beds, which contain the thyme’s seeds, in a container. Make sure as well that the container will get enough sunlight in its place because thyme needs six to eight hours of light a day. You just need to water it everyday and you will be able to see its growth after some time.

6. Rosemary

If you want to plant rosemary, then you should be careful in watering it. Putting excessive water in this plant can easily cause its death. You also need to make sure that the soil you will be using for this plant is rich in nutrients. Rosemary has different types. You can see rosemary that is bush-like or more like a creeping plant. The best types of rosemary are Blue Spire and Tuscan Blue. Growing rosemary is better done indoors.

7. Basil


Compared to the other easy-to-grow herbs, growing basil is quite difficult. It is more difficult to grow this plant during winter months so make sure to plant basil during summer. The best types of basil are African Blue and Spicy Globe.

The African Blue is quite similar with the Thai basil which has bluish-purple stalks and narrower leaves. Even though growing this herb is quite difficult, you can expect this herb to be of great significance once you start harvesting it.


8. Lemon balm

A lot of people love growing lemon balm because it can be used in order for dishes to have a delicious lemony aroma. Lemon balm can be planted in containers or bed. Make sure that its roots are sank into well-drained soil. The bees can hinder its growth so make sure to put it in garden where there are many fruits and vegetables that need pollinating. In order to limit seeds, you need to trim the plant after the flowering period. Lastly, you can use the scent of the lemon balm in order to drive away mosquitoes at your house.

9. Oregano

Oregano is a sprawling herb that can pump up the taste of pizza, tomatoes, and Mediterranean cuisine. Italian flavor can also be highlighted using oregano. Oregano is a growing perennial that is very easy to plant. You just need containers or beds to start growing it at your home. However, growing oregano in the ground is much better. Growing it in the ground will make the plant to flower quickly which will shorten the time that you need to wait before the harvest season. In order to maintain the snipping form of oregano, make sure to pinch the flowers from the stems.

10. Dill

Dill is a very beautiful herb. You can plant this herb while planting other herbs because dill is very easy to grow. The beauty of its fat flowers will surely amaze you. You can add this herb in your egg dishes, soups, root vegetable dishes and many other more. You just need to make sure that it has enough sunlight everyday for it to grow easily. Sow its seeds every four weeks during its growing season in order to ensure its abundant growth.

Indeed, there are many easy herbs to grow that you can try at home. These herbs will surely benefit your family in many ways. So try planting herbs now and easily reap its benefits. We hope you enjoy your herb growing.

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