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Gentian Root Benefits

gentian rootToday you will discover the powerful Health Benefits of Gentian Root, as you will see below. This herb is great for improving overall digestion. Gentian root is a popular bitter herbal remedy that comes from the “Gentiana lutea” plant.

Gentiana lutea which is native to South and Central Europe belongs to the “Gentianaceae” plant family. Together with over 170 other plant species. The average Gentiana lutea plant grows to a height of 2 meters.

Other interesting names like gall weed, bitter root, Yellow Gentian, bitterwort and pale Gentian are also used to describe this potent herb.

The underground parts (roots and rhizomes) of the Gentiana lutea plant are the ones that are mostly used in the herbal medicine field. This is because these roots and rhizomes tend to have the highest medicinal value.


Gentian roots, which are harvested during the fall, can be dark brown or light tan in color. The dark brown roots have always been known to have a pronounced bitter taste than the light ones.

Best 9 Health Benefits of Gentian Root

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Gentian roots contain various essential compounds. These including minerals like zinc, sulfur, iron, silicon and manganese, glycosides, alkaloids and vitamins B and F to name but a few. These essential compounds are the ones that provide the amazing herb with its health benefits.

Gentian Root
Gentian Root

Below are the common scientifically proven health benefits of Gentian root.

1. Maintaining Proper Digestive Health

This potent herbal remedy has been widely used over the ages to maintain proper digestive health. This happens through improving overall digestion, stimulating appetite and alleviating multiple digestive issues.

These include diarrhea, heartburn, stomach ache, dyspepsia, constipation, and vomiting. According to reliable scientific studies. Taking this bitter herb before meals is likely to improve your body’s overall digestive process.

Gentian root actively works to stimulate the flow of bile, saliva, and stomach acid all which are needed to maintain proper digestive health. The beneficial herb is also often used to treat anorexia nervosa (an eating disorder that is characterized by abnormal weight loss and self-starvation).

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According to multiple scientific findings, the herb also contains potent antifungal, antibacterial and antiprotozoal properties that can be used to get rid of common intestinal parasitic worms. Hence, Gentian root can be classified as a Anthelmintic herb.

2. Alleviating Muscle Spasms

Spasms (sudden involuntary muscle contractions) are often experienced when the body muscles have insufficient water, glucose, sodium, magnesium, and calcium. These involuntary contractions can be alleviated simply by taking this potent herbal remedy. It contains most of your lacking essential nutrients.

Gentian root can also promote muscle relaxation thanks to its ability to act on the central nervous system and all major body muscles.

Herbal Muscle Relaxers

This, in turn, not only alleviates existing muscle spasms but also prevents new ones from taking place. This then makes Gentian root an excellent natural remedy for intestinal spasms and menstrual cramps. Gentian root has also been shown to contain powerful antispasmodic and antiseptic properties.

That can be used to alleviate the muscular cramps that are experienced during menstruation.

3. Preventing Cancer

According to a scientific study that was published in the “Human and Experimental Toxicology” journal. Gentian root is a potent antioxidant(1) that can be used to fight and eliminate the potentially harmful free radicals that exist in the human body. These harmful free radicals have been shown to cause various diseases including cancer.

Another study that was published in the “Phytotherapy Research’ journal. Indicated that the potent herbal remedy has the ability to protect healthy body cells from the harmful effects of x-ray radiation. Apart from that, this study also showed that Gentian root has the ability to make cancerous cells even more susceptible to this type of radiation.

4. Improving Circulation

You are guaranteed to experience an overall improvement in your cardiovascular health. Once you take this natural herbal remedy. This is thanks to Gentian root’s unique ability to invigorate the blood. Thus, effectively improving circulation to the rest of the body.

Improved circulation also means that the major body parts are also able to receive a steady supply of oxygen and other essential minerals and nutrients. Gentian root users are also likely to feel more energetic due to the herb’s cardiovascular system strengthening properties.

5. Treating Anemia

Anemia is a common health disorder that is caused by the lack or insufficiency of iron in the body. Insufficient iron levels then, lead to reduced red blood cell levels. Red blood cells are required by the body to transport oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from all body organs and tissues.

According to the “University of Maryland Medical Center,” Gentian root can be used to treat anemia. This is because the potent herb has the ability to stimulate the digestive system. Thus, effectively helping your body to absorb iron and all other essential minerals.

You are advised to always take Gentian root along with natural foods. That are rich in iron like nuts, beans, seafood and pumpkin seeds if you wish to best treat your condition.

6. Gentian Root Benefits For Skin

Natural skin benefitsGentian root is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that can be used to improve the skin.

The herb’s antioxidant compounds not only alleviate harmful free radicals.

To make the skin even more radiant but also prevent the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines while also making the skin appear younger.

The potent herbal remedy can also be used to treat wounds. This is because when topically applied Gentian root can hasten the wound healing process. Thus, also help to prevent infections through eliminating any harmful pathogens or bacteria. That are likely to contaminate the wound area. Gentian root is a natural Astringent Herb.

7. Boosting Liver Function

Gentian root has been widely used to stimulate overall liver function for over 2,000 years now. Apart from that, the natural herbal remedy can also be used to protect the liver. While also playing a major part in liver cell regeneration. The herb has also been scientifically proven to inhibit the development of harmful viruses. That can cause liver malfunction or damage.

8. Addressing Respiratory Issues

This herbal remedy can also be used to alleviate various respiratory issues. These include the common cold, sore throat, coughs and fever. This is mainly thanks to the herb’s potent nutrients and antioxidant compounds. Gentian root is also able to treat sinusitis (an inflammation of the sinuses).

The potent herb works best when combined with other herbal plants like elderflower, sorrel, verbena and cowslip flower. To address the common respiratory disorders.

9. Detoxifying the Body

According to credible scientific sources. Gentian root has the ability to improve overall kidney health. The kidney is a major body organ that is used to eliminate potentially harmful substances. As an example heavy metal and toxins from the human body.

herbal detox

This is probably the reason why Gentian root is often mixed with other common depurative herbal remedies. To help flush out excess uric acid and any other harmful toxins from the body.

Gentian Root Side Effects

Gentian root is generally considered to be a safe, natural herbal remedy. It is, however, still possible to experience common side effects. Including, headaches, vomiting, and nausea while using the herbal remedy.

Breastfeeding mothers, pregnant women, and individuals suffering from high blood pressure or ulcers. Are all asked to refrain from taking Gentian root. Unless under the direct supervision of a licensed herbalist or qualified health practitioner.


Gentian root is one very powerful herbal remedy. The bitter tasting herb helps with many health problems. However one of the best uses is for digestive issues. Hence the best way to take this medicinal herb is by a simple herbal tea. I hope you found Gentian Root Benefits informative.

Medical information provided is for information purposes only. Always get guidance about a medical condition from a health care professional.

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