Health Benefits of Herbs

Health Benefits of Basil

Basil is healthy, nutritious, and used in many different dishes. This wonderful herb has many health benefits for the human body.

Basil contains many healthy nutrients such as vitamin K, iron, calcium, vitamin A, dietary fiber, manganese, magnesium, vitamin C and potassium. Two teaspoons of basil contain about seven calories.

What are the Health Benefits of Basil?

Basil contains healthy oils, flavonoids and protect the body from disease to help. These flavonoids help to protect cells from damage. Contribute the oils in the leaves of the plant to restrict the growth of bacteria, including those. Such diseases such as diarrhea Basil is a big ant-bacterial herb and that makes it a great addition to foods that are not cooked as cold salads. This herb helps to keep the food safe when consumed. A few drops of basil oil can be added to water and used as a rinse for vegetables. This rinse can help kill bacteria on the vegetables.



The oils in this plant can also conditions that help cause inflammation in the body. Basil can also protect to promote cardiovascular health and heart. Basil is a good source of vitamin A, which can help prevent the formation of cholesterol deposits in the body. Basil is one of the most healthy herbs for healing.

Beta-carotene in basil may help with asthma and arthritic diseases. Magnesium in basil may help protect the blood vessels and improve blood flow. Vitamin C in basil help in the immune function.

Basil growing in many areas of the world. It is native to India, Asia and Africa. This herb is presented in many cuisines, including Italian cuisine. It makes a great addition to pasta sauces.

Basil should be purchased fresh for the health benefits. The processing of the herbs can destroy some of the health benefits. Wrap fresh basil in a damp paper towel and store it in the refrigerator. Keep dried basil in a sealed container where they spice will keep for six months. When cooking with this herb, add your food to preserve its taste at the end of the cooking process.

Basil like Dill is a popular culinary herb. Basil can be used to make a popular Italian dish called pesto. It can be added to soups, salads, meat or for seasoning. This herb can be used to make tea, and it also makes a great addition to pizza sauce.

Some people use this herb to combat motion sickness and nausea. It has also been known to help address the nose and throat infections.

Basil has many uses and makes a great addition to your spice cabinet. Try fresh basil to buy if possible. Use this herb for seasoning your food and enjoy the healthy benefits.

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