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Health Benefits of Colloidal Silver

Colloidal SilverIn this article you will learn the many health benefits of Colloidal Silver, which is also known as “silver water” is a medical product that can be found in most health pharmacies and food stores as a nasal spray, liquid supplement or ointment.

The product, although considered to be safe and highly beneficial when used as a topical analgesic should be used with caution as it is not a natural product nor a whole food that can be found in nature. Some health practitioners also believe that the silver element is not necessarily required by the body.

Colloidal silver is basically a type of clear or pale yellow liquid solution that is created using the electrolysis process to suspend pure elemental silver that has been attached to simple protein molecules found in distilled water. Colloidal silver as a product is made with silver proteins, ionic silver and silver colloids. Kindly note that colloidal is a term coined to describe silver particles that don’t dissolve, but instead remain suspended within the liquid used.

Medical benefits of colloidal silver


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This medicinal product has had its fair share of controversy as there are credible health sites out there that warn their readers to stay away from it due to its safety concerns. However, it is important to note that Colloidal Silver has been used in the medical field for many years now and there is no evidence for most of the reported colloidal silver side effects. so lets find out what is colloidal silver good for:

Pneumonia and bronchitis alleviation

Most of the available conventional modern pharmaceutical drugs are slowly becoming limited in terms of their efficacy in dealing with both bronchitis and pneumonia. It is common for most health practitioners to prescribe antibiotics as the only reliable line of defense against the infections.

However, in cases where the infection has been caused by a virus and not bacteria the antibiotics administered become useless and obsolete. This is one feature of colloidal silver that makes it ideal for such infections as it can help in alleviating both bronchitis and pneumonia regardless of the pathogen.

Colloidal silver works even better in alleviating the medical conditions when ingested internally. However, breathing the medical product directly into one’s lungs can be a more effective way of utilizing it.

When inhaled the silver compound comes into contact with the harmful germs that cause pneumonia or bronchitis residing in the lungs directly eliminating them in the process. Pneumonia or bronchitis patients can use a nebulizer to get the colloidal silver solution into the lungs.

Treating cold or flu

influenza_virusesThere have been various substantive claims that colloidal silver can effectively help in preventing all types of flu, including the dreaded swine flu together with the common cold. Although there have been insufficient studies to prove this, the National Institute of Health in the year 2011 collected 100 children who were suffering from both nasal congestion and the common cold.

The researchers then divided the children into two groups and provided the first group with a saline solution and the other with a solution of both beta-glucan and colloidal silver. Even though both groups were able to benefit from the administered solutions, about 90% of the children who were given the colloidal solution completely recovered from their illness.

Skin Protection

According to Robert O. Becker, MD colloidal silver has the ability to stimulate the healing of the human skin among other soft body tissues. A research article1 that was published by the “Pharmacognosy Communications” in the year 2012 recommended the use of certain colloidal silver preparations topically to treat thrush, burns, and periodontitis among other popular skin conditions.

For instance, people are encouraged to treat ringworm, which is also referred by the scientific name “Tinea capitis” using colloidal silver as it is a potent anti-fungal.

Ringworm, which is represented as random round scaly patches, is caused by a deadly fungus found on the skin’s top layer. The skin condition is highly contagious and can be easily spread when one comes into contact with contaminated materials like clothing or the affected human skin. Colloidal can also benefit other strange skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis and can also soothe scrapes while repairing damaged tissues.

Fighting bacteria

This is probably the most popular and greatest benefit of colloidal silver known to man. The medical solution’s ability to easily manage antibiotic-resistant pathogens is astonishing. During the 1980s, Larry C. Ford, who was then employed at “UCLA Medical School” managed to document more than 650 different disease-causing bacteria species that were easily destroyed when exposed to colloidal silver.

Another beneficial aspect of the drug is that it doesn’t create immunity or resistance in bacteria like its modern conventional antibiotic counterparts do. It’s a natural antibiotic remedie.

This can prove to be very beneficial, especially to most Americans as it was reported by the “Center for Disease Control and Prevention” (CDC) that over 2 million U.S citizens suffer annually from antibiotic-resistant infections. Colloidal silver is thus able to prevent viral, fungal and bacterial cultures from reproducing in a harmless non-toxic manner.

Anti-inflammatory properties

Colloidal silver is also an effective remedy for most inflammatory conditions. Scientists at the National Institute of Health (NIH) carried out a controlled study on pig specimens to test for colloidal silver’s effects over inflammation.

They later came to the conclusion that the product was a good anti-inflammatory agent as the skin of the pigs that were treated with colloidal silver solution normalized after just 72 hours while the ones who were treated with other products showed no significant change. Apart from alleviating inflammation, colloidal silver can speed the overall healing process, boost cell recovery and reduce swelling in people.

Sinusitis management

Colloidal silver, when used as a nasal spray can benefit most people with sinus infections. A scientific study that was published in the “International Forum for Allergy and Rhinology” revealed that adding just a few drops of colloidal silver using a “Neti pot” or applying the drug directly into one’s nasal cavity can easily alleviate the medical condition.

Most research findings have revealed that hidden pathogen infections are the main causes of various respiratory inflammations especially those associated with asthma and other common allergies.

Treating pink eye and ear infection

Pink eye is a medical condition characterized by an inflamed mucous membrane that fully covers both the eyeball and eyelid lining. The eye disorder is primarily caused by a viral or bacterial infection. Colloidal silver can be used to alleviate pink eye by applying it on the infected eye.

The tiny silver colloid component then selects the affected cells through attracting them electromagnetically and then sends them into the blood stream for elimination.

Most modern prescription antibiotic remedies, although designed to combat specific diseases may not alleviate most ear infections, especially those caused by fungi or multiple bacteria classes. In such cases, colloidal silver is the only effective remedy for the infections.

Boosting The Immune System

Herbs For EnergyThere has been an increase in the medical product’s popularity, especially by medical practitioners who are interested in alternative herbal remedies recently. Most of its supporters claim that colloidal silver can boost and stimulate the immune system if taken internally.

They also say that the remedy can kill disease causing agents like fungi, bacteria and viruses thus combating infections. Ingesting colloidal silver solutions that contain silver particles results in a strong electromagnetic attraction between our bodies’s dying cells and the colloidal ions forcing the dead cells to be eliminated from the body, thus invigorating the immune system.

Colloidal silver has long been promoted in India’s Ayurvedic medical field as having unique immune-boosting properties. By disabling the oxygen enzyme responsible for metabolism, colloid silver suffocates the single-celled organisms, allowing the body’s immune system to be more effective in removing the harmful pathogens.


Colloidal silver just like other available alternative medications has various side effects associated with it. However, it is important to note that most of the reported side effects are not backed by any scientific research hence may not be entirely credible.

Most of the health practitioners believe that the reported side effects are only brought about when one consumes cheaper products that are maliciously marketed as colloidal silver including silver protein and ionic silver. This makes it crucial to only purchase colloidal silver products from licensed health stores.

Medical information provided is for information purposes only. Always get guidance about a medical condition from a health care professional.
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