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Top 10 Health Benefits of Ginger Tea

ginger teaSince ancient times, herbs have been used to ward off numerous diseases.

In fact, herbs not only add taste to our food but also bring in good health when used on a regular basis.

Ginger is one such herb that has countless health benefits.

With high levels of antioxidants and minerals, ginger can be mixed with lemon to make a tea that may serve as a great health and energy booster.


In this article we will discuss the many health benefits of Ginger Tea.

Top 10 Benefits of Ginger Tea.

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Below you will discover 10 amazing health benefits of ginger tea the super-tea.

1. Reduces Inflammation

Ginger is known to relieve pain caused due to inflammation. It helps in treating rheumatoid arthritis effectively. It may also help you to combat sore muscles and tiredness. The antioxidants present in ginger makes it one of the best herbs to deal with inflammation. People with painful joints have found ginger tea a natural and readily available remedy to fight inflammation.

2. Improves Blood Circulation

A warm cup of ginger tea instantly boosts your energy as it helps in improving blood flow. The antioxidants along with amino acids present in the ginger aid better blood flow through the heart. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and keeps the heart healthy. The herb eliminates the fat deposited in the arteries, thereby reducing the chances of heart attack.

3. Fights Cancer

Studies reveal the beneficial effect of ginger tea in treating cancer, especially ovarian cancer in women. The active ingredients present in the fresh ginger root helps to eliminate the cancer cells completely from the body. This makes ginger a ‘must include’ herb in your daily diet.

4. Reduces Morning sickness

Morning sickness is a common condition among pregnant women. A cup of ginger lemon tea may help in reducing nausea and prevent the feeling of vomiting. It also helps in reducing stress, and therefore, make a good all natural beverage to rely on. Even though ginger tea is used to ward off morning sickness since ages, now there are plenty of scientific evidence to back up the effectiveness of ginger in reducing nausea(1).

5. Helps with Weight Loss

Ginger tea helps in flushing out toxins and fat from the body. It is particularly helpful for reducing weight. It is seen that the weight loss is due to the loss in fat and not water loss. Therefore, it is very effective in reducing unwanted fat and improve overall health.

Ginger tea also increases satiety, due to which you feel full and do not consume extra calories. Regular consumption of ginger lemon tea acts in two ways to reduce weight it burns fat and also helps you stay away from consuming excessive calories, both at the same time.

6. Increases Nutrition Absorption

Proper absorption of the nutrients is very important to stay healthy.There is no use in eating healthy foods if they are not getting fully absorbed in the body. Ginger herb is one of the best ingredients that promote nutrient absorption. It is more important when you are on a weight loss diet and are restricting calories.

If you have a problem with nutrient absorption, include ginger lemon tea in your diet. Lemon improves metabolism and aid better absorption. The high level of antioxidants present in lemon is an added advantage for improved nutrient absorption(2).

7. Treats Asthma

Ginger tea helps in opening airways and reduce the formation of phlegm. People suffering from asthma have found great relief from consuming tea prepared with fresh ginger roots. It helps in opening up the respiratory system and aid breathing.

Ginger tea is also used in relieving cold symptoms and sore throat. The medicinal properties of ginger are highly beneficial for treating respiratory diseases as it reduces inflammation.

8. Promotes Digestion

A ginger lemon tea is an ideal beverage for boosting digestive health. The anti-inflammatory action of ginger and alkalizing nature of lemon help in improving digestion. While the right amount of ginger may help with digestion, too much of it may also cause stomach upset and diarrhea. Experts recommend not going beyond the daily intake of ginger for reaping maximum efficacy of the herb.

9. Boosts Immune System

The high levels of antioxidants present in ginger are good for boosting the immune system. The all natural ingredient works effectively to guard the body for various diseases caused due to low immunity. This makes ginger tea a must have even if your do not like its taste. When lemon is added to the tea, it become even more beneficial due to the high amount of vitamin C present in it that has a direct impact in increasing immunity. Ginger can also be added to any list of natural antibiotics.

10. Possible Cure For Alzheimer’s Disease

If there is someone who has Alzheimer’s disease in your family, consider drinking ginger tea to prevent it. The antioxidants present in ginger helps in preventing the loss of brain cells, thereby keeping the brain healthy. People suffering from the debilitating disease have found great relief with regular consumption of ginger tea.

Ginger Tea
Super Ginger Tea

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits of ginger roots, they also help in reducing stress, relieve gas and reduce menstrual discomfort. If you are feeling exhausted or tired, try a cup of ginger lemon tea. It will not only release stress but also fill you with energy.

Side Effect of Ginger Tea

Although ginger is great for raising mood promoting overall health, too much of it can be harmful. Make sure you do not extend the daily recommended limit. Excessive ginger may cause sleeplessness. It may trigger stomach upset and even cause diarrhea and vomiting. Minor heartburn is seen with excessive consumption of ginger and lemon tea.

How to make Ginger Lemon Tea at Home

Ginger tea or ginger lemon tea can be easily made at home. All you need is fresh ginger roots that are washed nicely. Boil a cup of water in a saucepan. Add freshly grated or minced ginger according to your taste and let it steep for 5 minutes. Strain it and pour into a cup to enjoy the hot flavored tea.

If you do not like the flavor of ginger, you may add fresh peppermint leaves to reduce the strong scent of ginger. The video below shows you just how easy it is to make ginger tea.

Lemon juice can be added for a refreshing tea. For making ice ginger tea, simply boil the minced ginger with water and let it stand for 15-20 minutes. Strain and pour the concoction in a glass filled with ice cubes. For additional taste, you may add fresh raw honey. Enjoy…

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  1. Amy Satori says

    I had no idea ginger tea did so much, but I do remember reading about ginger being a cure-all in Traditional Chinese Medicine. They recommend taking it raw, powder, and cooked forms especially for women. I like to thinly slice about 2 inches of ginger and soak it in boiling water then let it cool and drink it like iced tea. It’s refreshing and SO good for you!

  2. Caitlin says

    It looks like I need to start drinking some ginger tea! I didn’t realize it had so many benefits. The fact that it can help fight cancer and Alzheimer’s disease is amazing!

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