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Best Herbs for Diarrhea

Diarrhea like constipation will effect everyone at some point in their life. A lot of people have small bouts of diarrhea for a day or two. With no serious side-effects.

However, as you will see below diarrhea can be a serious medical problem.

So in this article I will first explain the different types of diarrhea. Then tell you about the most common causes of this condition. Before showing you the best herbs for diarrhea and why they work.

You will discover that most over the counter-medications have the same ingredients as the helpful diarrhea herbs do.


Types of Diarrhea

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Diarrhea is a sign of serious health problem. If you have diarrhea, necessary medical attention should be considered. Diarrhea is actually one of the causes of death in developing countries. It is also a common ailment worldwide.

The word diarrhea is a combination of two names which means “flow through“. Anyone suffering from frequent loose stool is said to be suffering from a condition known as diarrhea. There are two types of diarrhea.

Chronic Diarrhea

This is long-term diarrhea that lasts for more than a month. This type of diarrhea is a symptom of serious health condition. In such a situation, the patient suffers badly and the condition can even result in loss of life if serious medical attention isn’t provided. Chronic diarrhea is the second most common cause of children’s death in developing countries. Chronic diarrhea requires immediate medical attention.

Acute Diarrhea

This diarrhea lasts for a short period of time but is equally dangerous and life-threatening. Even though acute diarrhea lasts for a short period, necessary medical attention should always be given the very first priority. We will review the best herbs you can use in case you are a victim of diarrhea.

What Causes Diarrhea?


Diarrhea can be caused by a number of health complications

• Caused by a parasite responsible for gastrointestinal infections

• It can also be bacteria such a shingella and salmonella. These bacteria enters the body when you eat contaminated food

• Diarrhea can also be caused by viruses such as hepatitis and Norwalk agents

• Dirty or contaminated water causes Diarrhea.

• Living in areas where waste water mixes with water used for cooking. You are more likely to suffer from this condition.

One of the best methods to treat this condition is by the use of herbs. There are natural herbs that cure diarrhea completely. In this article, we will review those natural herbs for diarrhea. Also see Anthelmintic Herbs these treat parasitic worms.

Herbal Compounds that Fight Diarrhea

Herbal Remedies for Diarrhea Treatment. We will discuss some natural herbs used as remedy for diarrhea. Most effective herbs for diarrhea. Are likely to contain one of the necessary ingredients found in over the counter diarrhea medications.

1. Tannins

These Tannins(1) help reduce intestinal inflammation. Tannins slow the rate of absorption of toxic materials and also lower production of secretion.

2. Pectin

Pectin(2) is the primary ingredient in over the counter diarrhea medications. Medical research shows that pectin is a soluble fiber that adds bulk to your stool and also soothes intestinal distress.

3. Mucilage

Mucilage helps to soothe intestinal distress and complications. It adds bulk to stool by absorbing excess water and swelling.

Best Herbs for Diarrhea

Natural Herbs for Diarrhea, below you will find 8 of the best herbs for diarrhea.

1. Astragalus (Astragalus membranaceus)

This natural herb has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. It’s considered to be one of the best natural remedies for diarrhea. Astragalus contains polysaccharides. That help improve the immune system and also promotes the activities of phagocytes(3). Phagocytes are white blood cells. Astralagus also increases the levels of natural antibodies found in blood stream.

2. Picrorhiza kurroa (Picrorhiza kurroa)

This is one of the best herbs used to treat diarrhea. It is a very powerful and effective herb. This herb should be taken in low dosages. Higher dosages aren’t recommended as they can cause flatulence in some people. This herb is bitter and known to stimulate the digestive process.

Picrorhiza has been proven to promote the immune system. This includes T and B cell activities and also white blood cells/phagocytes activities. This herb can also treat liver ailments and malaria as it has strong anti-malaria properties.

3. Goldenseal (Hydrastis Canadensis)

Goldenseal benefits
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Goldenseal is also known as hydrasis Canadensis. It has intestinal antibiotic properties and known to lower adhesive E. coli. While also stimulating the immune system.

Goldenseal has various active ingredients that act as a remedy to diarrhea. The active ingredients include berberine. This ingredient increases the activity of macrophages. Which can digest viruses and bacteria.

4. Barberry (Berberis)

Also called Barberis Vulgaris. This herb contains berberine. Berberine has anti-protozoic properties. Protozoic diseases cause diarrhea, dysentery, cholera vibrio and Giardia among others.

This herb has anti-bacterial properties. It fights all bacteria that promotes diarrhea. It does this by increasing the production of phagocytes and platelets.

5. Echinacea (Coneflower)

Benefits of Echinacea

The Echinacea herb is known as one of the best immune stimulants. The active ingredients of this herb are polysaccharides and alkamides. These ingredients promote and champions the body’s response to diseases and health complications.

This herb is also known to contain anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. The herb interferes with the activity of enzyme hyalurnidase. This enzyme breaks down connective tissues and promotes the immunity of your entire body health.

6. Agrimony (Agrimonia)

This herb has been a good and a perfect choice for those who want to treat diarrhea. This is because; Agrimony contains high levels of tannin. If you’re suffering form either acute or chronic diarrhea, you can use this natural herb. It is highly effective.

7. Carob (Ceratonia siliqua)

Carob is a herb that contains high levels of tannins. It is one of the best remedies for diarrhea due to presence of active ingredients. It is among the best for both adults and children suffering from diarrhea. If you’ve been suffering from diarrhea, and you’d like to use one of the best herbs and remedies, consider using carob. It is highly effective.

8. Psyllium (Ispaghula)

Psyllium is a effective herbal remedy for diarrhea. It can also relieve constipation because it has high fiber content and mucilage. This herb has ingredients that add bulk to the stool.

Other Medicinal Herbs to Treat Diarrhea

herbs to treat diarrhea
Herbs to Treat Diarrhea


Diarrhea is a very serious condition that as adverse health effects. It is also a life-threatening condition. It is always good to use the right medication or natural remedy. The best thing with these natural herbs is that they don’t have side effects.

They are safe and can also treat related conditions. You can use either of these, and I bet you will be fine. These herbs are highly effective, they have been used for thousands of years and have proven to be very useful.

Medical information provided is for information purposes only. Always get guidance about a medical condition from a health care professional.

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