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Herbal Liver Detox: Why and How

Herbal Liver DetoxBefore we consider what are the best herbs for cleansing the liver. What exactly does the liver do?. The liver is the number one organ for breaking down toxins and expelling toxins that entre the body. Therefore the importance of your liver to your overall heath can’t be under estimated. The liver also produces a bile that is a detoxifying compound which also helps break down fats in food.

Over time your liver can become clogged with contaminants from the toxins it’s expelling. This is the why you need a herbal liver Detox.  But fortunately there are herbs that can help cleanse your liver. Herbal liver cleanse are recommended  because apart from achieving a better result than medication it does not have any side effects. Here are some herbs recommended for liver cleansing:

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Herbs for Liver Cleansing


The top six herbs to cleanse your liver in no particular order:

Borotutu Bark

This herb is perhaps the most useful substance that can be used to clean your liver of toxins and other unwanted materials. It has shown that this herb has the ability to fight jaundice and biliary colic. In addition to that, it contains a powerful antioxidants, and these have the capacity to protect liver cells from being damaged.

Chanca Piedra

This herb has been very useful for humanity for centuries. Study has shown that Amazon people have relied on this powerful herb to eliminate wastes from the liver, kidney stones, as well as gall bladder. More importantly, this herb stimulates the liver into purging itself of those harmful toxins and foreign elements within it. It facilitates bile production, in addition to soothing your liver. Because it prevents the formation of calcified stones in the body, it is considered the perfect herb for a healthy liver.

Milk thistle seed

This is another healthy herb recommended for liver cleansing. Humanity has discovered its relevance more than two thousand years ago. Great and ancient philosophers like Pliny and Galen have identified this, and that is why they have recommended it for the liver cleansing and treatment. Apart from the liver, this herb has a remarkable effect on the gall bladder. It is one of the best herbs for a healthy liver.

Greater Celandine

Perhaps, the most powerful liver cleansing herbs are the Greater Celandine. It is the most powerful herbs for healthy liver. It has been used by a popular French herbalist called Maurice Messegue1, and research has shown that it is useful for all kinds of liver problems.

Chicory root

Another medicinal herb is often recommended for liver cleansing include the chicory root. This herb is historic, because it has been used by the ancient Indians, Arabians, Persians, as well as the Romans. It was then used for the treatment of liver ailment. These days its use has expanded and they can now be used for liver cleansing. Apart from that, it has been very helpful in the treatment of liver stones, gall bladder, as well as jaundice treatment and several others. Furthermore, research2 has shown that it is helpful in treating depression, indigestion, headaches, as well as constipation and so on.


Another herb Peppermint is not only great for freshening your breath. It’s also one of the best herbs around for stimulating the bile produced by your liver, peppermint helps you produce more bile by relaxing the bile ducts. it can also reduce bad cholesterol3 from building up in your body. This in turn helps your liver by making it easer to filter out the bad toxins. Peppermint has many other health benefits.

The best way to administer these herbs is by making yourself a simple herbal tea. This is the how to take an herbal liver Detox.

Medical information provided is for information purposes only. Always get guidance about a medical condition from a health care professional.

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