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Must Have Natural Medicine Cabinet Essentials

Natural Medicine CabinetIn this article we will discuss why you need a natural Medicine Cabinet and how to stock the best natural remedies for it. First, why you should keep natural remedies to hand.

Even if you have belief in the pharmaceutical industry. Holistic Herbal remedies are safe, effective and YES natural. they’ve been used for thousands of years and their tried and tested, far more so than prescription medications. You are far more likely to have side effects from prescription drugs than you are from herbal remedies.

The Alternative Medicine Cabinet can be used for your first line of defence against illness. Not only can your holistic meds be used to fight illness if used right they can stop the illness before it starts. Think of it as your essential first aid arsenal. So stock your Natural Medicine Cabinet with the below holistic ingredients and next time you feel an illness coming on, You’ll already have the cure to hand.

Natural Medicine Cabinet Essentials


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Before we show you the 9 must have herbs for your natural medicine cabinet lets look at some other essentials:

Hydrogen peroxide

Why you should have Hydrogen peroxide(3%) in the med cabinet. First despite the name Hydrogen peroxide is a naturally occurring compound in the environment and is even present in your body. The Hydrogen peroxide you buy from the drug store is chemically synthesized (man-made). However it’s still the same as the naturally occurring compound. It’s also the only germicide composed of only water and oxygen. This is why it’s considered the safest natural effective sanitizer in the world.

How it works? put simply it kills micro-organisms by burning them. Scientifically Hydrogen peroxide reacts with organic materials and this reaction oxidize the organic material or breaks the material down.

Important:Use the proper dose and do NOT over dose. Only Use the 3% solution hydrogen peroxide.

How it can be used for your Health: The body makes Hydrogen peroxide at the cell level to protect itself against parasites, viruses, bacteria, yeast and toxins. So you can do the same by making some quick home remedies.

  • Foot Fungus: Spray a 50% mix of water and Hydrogen peroxide 3% once a day and let it dry normally.
  • Douche: Put 1 cupful of hydrogen peroxide into distilled water once per week to remove chronic yeast infections.
  • Infections: Soak infections in 3% for 5 minutes a couple of times a day.
  • Sinus Infections: 1 tablespoon hydrogen peroxide 3% add to water can be used as a nasal spray. (use water that’s not chlorinated)
  • Wound Care: Hydrogen peroxide solution 3% can be used for cleaning wounds. It’s best to wash the wound with the 3% solution then rinse with clean water.

This is just some of the many uses of Hydrogen peroxide. When using hydrogen peroxide 3% always follow the directions on the product package. Be informed about side affects(1) and Precautions(2).

Vitamin C

Vitamin C which is also known as ascorbic acid has some very important functions to help your body:

  • It helps to protect and keep your bodies cells healthy.
  • It’s important for maintenance of healthy tissue.
  • Helps wounds and burns heal faster.
  • Helps Boost your immunity.

These are just some of the many helpful benefits of Vitamin C. You can get Vitamin C from a wide variety of food and this is sufficient to keep your body healthy in normal circumstances. However if you develop an illness its a good idea to take extra Vitamin C to boost your immune system. That’s why you should have some to hand in your natural med cabinet.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D is important for your bone and teeth health. It helps regulate calcium and phosphate in your body. These in turn are the nutrients that keep your bones and teeth in good health. Lacking in Vitamin D can cause bone deformation in children.

We get the majority of this vitamin from sunlight on our skin. Vitamin D is made inside our bodies from a reaction to sunlight. Therefore when we suffer illness and hence don’t get enough sunlight, it becomes important to take extra supplementary vitamin D. This is particularly the case with children. So always add Vitamin D to your medicine cabinet.

9 Must Have Herbs In Your Herbal Medicine Chest

Now lets move on to the most useful herbs you should have to hand. Professional health practitioners and herbal experts are increasingly recommending the use of natural herbs to treat various common diseases and injuries.

Although some conventional medications may often be used to treat such disorders or injuries natural herbs can be a better option, especially in cases where the injuries or illnesses are not life-threatening in nature. What is even more reassuring is the undeniable fact that these natural herbs may not contain any of the severe side effects that come with conventionally prescribed pharmaceutical medications.

Below are the effective natural herbs that you should consider including in your natural medicine cabinet.

Before deciding to purchase or look for the beneficial herbal medicine cabinet essentials discussed in this article it is important to first make a comprehensive list of your family’s health goals as this will help you in selecting the appropriate natural herbs that specifically address the common issues faced by you or your family members.

1. Peppermint

Peppermint is a great digestive herb that can be used both externally and internally as a potent remedy for various digestive disorders. When combined with other potent digestive natural herbs Peppermint can prove to be a very effective nausea remedy and digestive aid. To relieve digestive disorders such as stomach upset it is recommended to brew and drink Peppermint tea. Apart from alleviating digestive disorders the natural herb can also be used to treat headaches when applied externally to the feet or behind the ear or just by consuming it as a potent herbal tea.

2. Chamomile

dried chamomile
Dried Chamomile

Chamomile whose botanical name is “Matricaria recutita” is a beneficial herbal remedy that is often referred to as the “children’s herb” due to its powerful yet gentle nature. Just like Lavender Chamomile can also be used as a soothing and calming herb.

The relaxing tincture can be used to help calm kids, especially when they are ill or have trouble sleeping. Chamomile has also been proven effective to help with teeth and gums as well as in soothing both the gastrointestinal tract and the nervous system.

Individuals with pinkeye syndrome can reverse their disorder through using dried flowers of the natural herb to make a specialized poultice which can be placed on the affected eye for about 15 minutes each hour. Chamomile herb can also be rubbed on the tummy of colicky infants to soothe them.

3. Echinacea

Benefits of EchinaceaThis herb can be very helpful when it comes to prolonged illnesses. The natural herb Echinacea which is readily available in capsules, tinctures, juices and teas is characterized by a relatively annoying sharp taste. Echinacea is commonly used to bolster the immune system as well as in helping the body to fight colds.

Various scientific studies that have been carried out on the herb indicate that Echinacea can easily minimize cold symptoms as well as speed up the overall recovery rate by at least a day or two.

Apart from causing a temporary, harmless tingling or numbing of the tongue, Echinacea can also result in stomach upset in certain individuals.

4. Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh whose botanical name is “Cimicifuga racemosa” can be used to treat various health conditions. The natural herbal medicine cabinet essential has been widely used to alleviate menstrual problems, alleviate menopausal discomforts as well as help in recovery from childbirth. A majority of scientific studies that have been carried out on the natural herb have found it to be quite effective particularly for hot flashes.

Black Cohosh is safe for use by women as it has a different working mechanism to estrogen which can be harmful to various groups of women such as those with a history of breast cancer. Medical experts recommend that the natural herb should not be used for more than six months. Some of the rare but possible side effects of taking Black Cohosh include allergic reactions, headache, dizziness and stomach distress.

5. Ginger

benefits of ginger

Ginger whose botanical name is “Zingiber officinale” is a potent indigestion soother that can also be used to relieve nausea among other health benefits. Ginger is great for morning sickness, stomach trouble, nausea, and reflux hence should always be included in your natural medicine cabinet. The natural herb can also be used to soothe the stomach after food poisoning or after experiencing a digestive illness.

Scientific studies carried out on the herb reveal that ginger can also be used to prevent sea and motion sickness, hence, should be taken by individuals who have such problems before deciding to embark on their journey. A scientific study that was carried out by Australian researchers revealed that consuming the natural herb can help minimize nausea significantly in pregnant women almost immediately after consuming it. It is common to experience heartburn after taking the natural herb.

6. Valerian Root

Valerian whose botanical name is “Valeriana officinalis” is a potent natural herb that has been used for centuries as a powerful sleep aid that works as well as or even better than pharmaceutical sleeping pills. A study that was carried out by German researchers to prove Valerian’s effectiveness in inducing sleep found it to be quite effective as conventional pharmaceutical sedatives.

Scientists undertaking this informative study also discovered that the natural herb is none-addictive hence can be used by insomniacs instead of the commonly prescribed sleeping medications that are addictive in nature. You can use a commercial valerian preparation that may include other tranquilizing herbs like lemon balm or hops as the raw valerian root is known to have a terrible taste and smell.

7. Garlic

Garlic benefits

Various scientific studies indicate that Garlic can be used to significantly reduce cholesterol levels as well as prevent the occurrence of heart disease which is commonly caused by blocked arteries. However, it should be noted that the beneficial herb’s effect of reducing cholesterol levels is less than that of conventionally prescribed pharmaceutical drugs such as statin hence individuals with high cholesterol levels should consider using such conventional treatment options instead of garlic.

Garlic can also be used to prevent several types of cancers, especially bladder, stomach, prostate and esophageal cancer. Although vegetable and fruit consumption in general, is known to help prevent the disorder various scientific studies that have analyzed the effects of such foods indicate that garlic has the greatest preventive benefit. People suffering from bleeding disorders should avoid taking the natural herb as it is known to impair blood clotting.

8. Horse chestnut

Horse chestnut whose botanical name is “Aesculus hippocastanum” contains a special compound known as “aescin” that can be used to decrease fluid leakages and strengthen vein walls which are common symptoms experienced by people with weakened legs. Various factors, including work that usually involves extended sitting or standing, aging or genetics can weaken our legs thus causing unsightly varicose veins.

It is recommended to consume commercially prepared extracts of the herbal remedy which are much safer as off-the-tree Horse chestnut is highly toxic and its ingestion alone can cause death in children.

9. Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle, whose botanical name is “Sylibum marianum” is a beneficial herb whose seeds have potent silymarin compounds that contain a remarkable ability to heal and protect the liver. According to a group of Italian researchers Milk Thistle can also be taken to speed up recovery from hepatitis as well as to treat alcoholic cirrhosis. The natural herbal remedy is also capable of helping the body prevent liver damage, particularly that caused by powerful drugs.

Amanita mushroom poisoning, which is a dangerous medical condition can also be easily treated by consuming Milk thistle which is a natural remedy that is more effective than any other readily available mainstream medical treatment option.


All the herbal medicine cabinet essentials discussed above can be easily used together to treat and prevent various diseases. Having these natural herbs can be quite beneficial as you will be perfectly prepared for any potential disease or injury making your natural medicine cabinet your ideal first aid toolkit.

Medical information provided is for information purposes only. Always get guidance about a medical condition from a health care professional.

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