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Health Benefits of the Neem Herb

Neem leaves and flowerIn this article you will discover the many health benefits of the Neem Herb. The Neem tree (Wonder Tree) which is native to the Indian subcontinent is a beneficial herbal tree that grows rapidly with broad-spreading leaves and fragrant flowers. The natural herb can also be referred to using its botanical name “Azadirachta indica.”

This natural herb has been widely used for thousands of years in the medical field thanks to its unique beneficial components and organic compounds. Almost all the parts of the neem tree can be used for therapeutic purposes. To date, over 140 beneficial compounds have been isolated from the various parts of the neem tree.

10 Neem Benefits For Your Health

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This comprehensive article is going to focus almost entirely on educating you about some common Neem benefits as well as some potential side effects that can be experienced after using the natural herbal remedy.

1. Detoxification – Neem Benefits for Liver

The human natural environment today is full of harmful toxins that can result in various life-threatening diseases if not eliminated from the body. This is why health practitioners are increasingly advising people to engage in the detoxification, especially using readily available natural herbal products to prevent this from happening.

One such herbal product is the Neem herb which contains beneficial compounds that can be used by the body to get rid of such harmful toxins easily. By stimulating both the liver and kidney the natural herbal remedy successfully increases the body’s metabolic activities while enabling it to eliminate harmful toxins in the process.

2. Neem Benefits for Diabetes

lower blood sugar naturallyVarious scientific studies that have been carried out on the natural beneficial herb have revealed that there is a strong connection between neem consumption and the reduced demand for insulin by the body.

This is because the natural chemicals found in neem have the ability to optimize the body’s insulin receptor functions. Thus, ensuring it receives the appropriate amount of insulin. By doing so, this property then makes it easier to prevent the development of the disorder.

Diabetic patients are also encouraged to consume the natural remedy regularly if they wish to minimize their dependency on insulin. Some scientific studies indicate that consuming the natural herb or its extracts regularly can result in a 30-50 percent reduction in the need for insulin medication in diabetics.

3. Malaria Prevention and Treatment

Neem is a natural insect repellant that is not only very effective in repelling mosquitoes, fleas, among other stubborn insects but also non-toxic in nature. This particular beneficial property ensures that those who use the natural herb topically to repel mosquitoes do not contract the illness at any given point.

Although neem’s effectiveness in alleviating malaria has not been clinically proven yet, there is still hope that the beneficial herb will be used as a viable malaria treatment option in the near future. A particular ongoing study has shown that there is a specific neem extract that can be used to fight the “P. Falciparum” malarial parasite.

4. Fighting Inflammation

Neem has potent anti-inflammatory properties that can be used to treat various common disorders that occur as a result of inflammation. A major constituent of the natural herb known as “Nimbidim” has been scientifically proven to reduce inflammation greatly in rat specimens.

Another study that was carried out at the Rajshahi Medical College’s “Department of Pharmacology” indicates that the natural compounds found in the neem herb play a major role in alleviating inflammation1. Neem’s anti-inflammatory properties make it an ideal remedy for various inflammatory issues, including ulcerative colitis, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis.

5. Reproductive Health Management

The natural herbal remedy can be used to manage people’s reproductive health by significantly reducing the chances of conception in both men and women. The non-toxic herbal remedy has been widely used as a birth control agent and natural spermicide for many years now.

According to the Neem Foundation2 , the fairly powerful natural birth control agent has the ability to successfully reduce men and women fertility without necessarily affecting their libido or sexual performance in any way. Apart from that, neem can also be used to prevent or even treat various sexually transmitted disorders, especially when used as a vaginal suppository.

6. Cancer Prevention and Treatment

Neem can prevent the development of cancer through inhibiting cell proliferation, inducing harmful cell death, suppressing cancer angiogenesis, restoring oxidation balance and enhancing the host’s immune response particularly against cancerous tumor cells. Various scientific research findings indicate that there is a beneficial correlation between the antioxidants found in the Neem herb and the reduced risk of heart disease and cancer.

The natural herbal remedy is also able to sensitize cancerous cells to radiotherapy and immunotherapy thus enhancing the efficiency of chemotherapeutic drugs. Other studies have revealed that the natural herb has a special antitumor polysaccharide that can be used to inhibit the growth of selected tumors.

7. Neem Benefits for Skin

Natural skin benefitsThere are countless numerous benefits for the skin that have been discovered up to date. This is evident due to the fact that apart from Aloe Vera.

The neem plant is increasingly being used in the beauty and cosmetic industry to make thousands of potent beauty products all over the world.

The natural herb contains an aspirin-like substance that can greatly help in reducing the pain caused by burns, stimulate the immune system to promote reduced scarring and healing and kill bacteria.

Neem has potent curative effects on various skin conditions including psoriasis, dandruff, acne, shingles, herpes, and dry skin. This is the reason why the skin disorders listed above usually respond positively to herbal lotions and natural creams that are made of the natural remedy.

8. Improving Gastric Health

Neem’s potent anti-inflammatory properties can easily reduce gastrointestinal tract inflammation, thus helping to reduce ulcers and other common intestinal issues like cramping, bloating and constipation. The natural remedy can also be used as an effective, quick healing remedy for stomach infections and flu that are known to destroy the essential gut bacteria. A scientific study that was conducted at the “National Institute of Health” recommends the use of neem herb to reduce or even completely heal gastric ulcers and acid reflux.

9. Potent Antibacterial and Antifungal Properties

The herb’s anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties provide the herbal remedy with most of its beneficial healing properties. Most diseases today are either caused by bacteria or fungi hence by having both the beneficial properties; neem becomes an ideal treatment option for such diseases. The natural herb when consumed can actively protect the user’s overall health as its anti-fungal and antibacterial properties can be used to strengthen the immune system.

According to the “Neem Foundation,” the herbal remedy contains two beneficial compounds called ‘edunin and nimbidol ‘ that actively work to identify and eliminate any form of fungus. Neem’s anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties make it a very popular ingredient in scalp cleaners and shampoos as they are beneficial in hydrating the skin, eliminating dandruff and strengthening hair.

10. Oral Hygiene Maintenance

Neem is very crucial when it comes to maintaining a good oral hygiene. This is evident as the natural herb is widely used in various herbal oral health products. The bacteria found in the mouth are known to result in halitosis (bad breath), cavities, gum disease and periodontal disease.

The potent antibacterial properties, as well as the antiseptic compounds in neem, make the natural herbal remedy an ideal treatment option for the above oral disorders. Neem’s antiseptic compounds are mostly derived from the natural herbal remedy’s extracts.


Neem despite its numerous beneficial properties has also been linked to causing various mild side effects. However, it is important to note that most of the common side effects including lethargy (drowsiness), seizures and breathing problems that are associated with using the natural herbal remedy are often experienced when neem is consumed in large doses.

The use or consumption of neem by toddlers or people with liver and kidney disorders is prohibited unless under the close supervision of a qualified health practitioner or expert herbalist. We hope you found neem benefits for your health informative.

Medical information provided is for information purposes only. Always get guidance about a medical condition from a health care professional.

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