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Parsley Health Benefits

Parsley originally comes from the Mediterranean region of southern Italy, Algeria and Tunisia. Meanwhile, it is grown throughout Europe and cultivated as herbs, spices and vegetables.

Normal garden parsley is a bright green hairless biennial plant in temperate zones and annually in subtropics or tropics. 25cm with numerous small leaves and a tap root from which the plant pulls in winter – In the first year leaves a rosette of 10 forms.

In the second year the plant grows up to 75cm high and formed many small 3 – 10cm large umbels with about 2mm small green-yellow flowers. In general, the plant dies after seed maturation.

Parsley For Health


Apart from taste and decoration, a bunch of parsley can help a lot with your health. Parsley contains two kinds of special materials, bring the unique health benefits.

Parsley Health Benefits

First, the oil components could be mentioned. These include: Myristicin, limonene, eugenol and alpha thujene. Second, the flavonoids, including apiin, apigenin, luteolin and crisoeriol. The oils in parsley, particularly Myristicin have proven in animal studies that the formation of tumors can prevent, especially those in the lungs . Also in the activation of certain enzymes for defensiveness harmful molecule compounds Myristicin has proved stimulating.

The characteristics of the oils of parsley qualify the spice to foods with strong poisons-binding capabilities. The flavonoids in parsley-especially luteolin – have a function as antioxidants . The intake of antioxidants prevent cell damage caused by oxidation, which are also responsible for a rapid aging process.

In addition, parsley is rich in vitamin C and vitamin A .The vitamins contained in parsley is it’s major Health Benefit. Vitamin C has a variety of functions in the body. One of the most important is the binding of free radicals, which can also be responsible for the development of serious diseases. These include cancer , diabetes , and asthma . People with a high intake of vitamin C to strengthen their immune system and protect against disease. This is one of the many parsley health benefits.

In addition, parsley is rich in folic acid , one of the most important B vitamins. Although it has many essential functions in the body, is its most decisive link to heart health. It binds homocysteine. This molecule can damage the blood vessels in large quantities and lead to heart disease and heart attack. Food with a high content of folic acid, such as parsley, can prevent these problems.

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