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Top 10 Proven Rooibos Tea Benefits

Rooibos Tea BenfitsIn this comprehensive article you will learn about the full Rooibos Tea Benefits for your health. You will find out the many healthy benefits from improving sleep to helping with digestion.

Rooibos tea, which is also known as “African red tea, bush tea, red bush tea, or red tea” is a potent herbal infusion that is made from the Rooibos “Aspalathus linearis” plant. The herbal plant that is used to make the fragrant herbal remedy with a floral aroma and naturally sweet taste is native to South Africa.

Although this naturally caffeine-free herbal remedy is not very popular it has been scientifically proven to have similar or even more health benefits than even mate tea and green herbal tea. Apart from being used to brew a potent herbal tea, the Rooibos herb can also be used as a natural dye, spice, or a vitamin supplement.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Rooibos Tea


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This highly informative article is going to educate you on some scientifically proven Rooibos tea health benefits. Kindly note that all the health benefits discussed below have been confirmed by various leading research institutions, including the “US Department of Agriculture.”

Improving Sleep

Rooibos tea has been scientifically proven to have multiple potent natural soothing properties that effectively work, especially on the central nervous system (CNS) to promote relaxation. This is probably the main reason as to why most herbal users consume the herbal tincture as a natural sleep aid that either improves their sleeping patterns or alleviates insomnia. The Rooibos tea, natural herbal remedy, when used as a caffeine-free substitute for traditional tea and coffee can actively improve sleep quality.

It is recommended that you drink a single cup of the herbal infusion daily before going to bed if you wish to enjoy a great night of sleep. Insomniacs can also benefit from drinking Rooibos tea as the normalization of their sleeping patterns can also reduce irritability and headache.

Promoting Healthy Teeth and Bones

The herbal infusion is rich in various minerals, including fluoride, calcium, and manganese that actively promote the formation of healthy teeth and bones. Calcium, for instance, is necessary for the formation of strong, healthy teeth and bones.

healthy bones

On the other hand, manganese actively works to stimulate various body enzymes that are normally used in building bone mass and repairing any bone related damage. Apart from the herbal remedy’s beneficial minerals, Rooibos tea also contains luteolin and orientin, which are the two major bioflavonoids responsible for increasing bone mineral content in the body.

Preventing Type II Diabetes

Rooibos tea can be used to prevent type 2 diabetes thanks to its unique aspalathin antioxidant that has a hypoglycemic (decrease in blood sugar levels) effect on the human body. This rare antioxidant has been discovered to effectively improve insulin resistance while balancing blood sugar levels in the body.

Apart from this, aspalathin also promotes easier glucose absorption, particularly that experienced in the muscles. All these beneficial effects make the herbal remedy a potent natural herbal infusion for preventing type II diabetes, which is caused by an abnormal increase in blood sugar levels.

Allergy Treatment

The natural herbal remedy can also be used to treat various types of allergies thanks to its “quercetin” compound which has the ability to block mast cells. Mast cells are special types of immune cells that are responsible for triggering allergic reactions. This means that by blocking the mast cells the herbal remedy effectively alleviates the potential allergic reaction.

The quercetin compound found in Rooibos tea is very potent that it has been scientifically proven to alleviate various types of allergies even better than most commonly prescribed pharmaceutical products. This potent bioflavonoid can be easily used to treat food allergies, seasonal allergy symptoms, asthma and other multiple skin reactions.

Benefits of Rooibos Tea for Skin

Natural skin benefitsZinc and alpha-hydroxy acid are the two main nutrients responsible for the amazing benefits of Rooibos tea for skin. These nutrients can be easily used to alleviate multiple skin disorders, including uneven skin tone, sunburns, acne, and pimples.

The alpha-hydroxy acid compound(1) found in the herbal infusion actively helps to reduce common aging signs like wrinkles, hence; is found in most upscale cosmetic products.

Zinc, on the other hand, can be used to revitalize the skin thus leaving a more illuminating glow. Both nutrients work together to fight inflammation, offer protection against potentially harmful UV rays and heal all types of minor wounds.

Promoting Improved Digestion

Rooibos tea can be consumed to promote and maintain proper digestive health. The herbal tea has various beneficial compounds that act as potent antispasmodic nutrients that can reduce the occurrence of diarrhea while preventing or alleviating abdominal pain.

Rooibos herbal tea is a great natural solution for various common digestive issues thanks to its increasingly high levels of flavonoids. Quercetin is one particular flavonoid that has been scientifically proven to alleviate various abdominal issues, including indigestion, cramps, and diarrhea.

Cancer Prevention

The beneficial natural herbal remedy has also been scientifically proven to effectively prevent the formation of some cancerous cells, thus; making it a potent anti-carcinogenic. This is because Rooibos tea contains various dominant antioxidant compounds. These dominant antioxidant compounds actively work to defend DNA and cells against any form of damage while also inhibiting them from becoming cancerous.

Nothofagin and aspalathin are the main types of antioxidants found in the herbal remedy that prevent the development of cancerous cells. By helping you boost your immune system, Rooibos tea actively stimulates the production of potent antibodies that can be used to prevent the formation of or heal cancerous cells.

Benefits of Rooibos Tea for Hair

Potassium, zinc, calcium and copper are the main minerals responsible for the myriad benefits of Rooibos tea for hair. This is why consuming the natural herbal infusion regularly is linked to strengthened hair fibers and increased hair growth. Apart from providing you with strong, healthy hair Rooibos tea can also be consumed to prevent hair loss. This is thanks to the herbal remedy’s multiple active ingredients that work to remove dead skin cells, especially those that may prevent hair growth and can block hair follicles.

The herbal infusion’s potent antioxidants can also offer dandruff relief through soothing the scalp. Rooibos tea’s polyphenols have also been proven to promote the growth of soft, shiny hair.

Benefits of Rooibos Tea Weight Loss

Herbal Teas for SlimmingHow can drinking Rooibos herbal tea help with weight loss?

Firstly, this herbal tea is LOW IN CALORIES. One cup of Rooibos tea has only two calories. Where as a soda can have over 100 calories. As you can see having an herbal tea rather than soda can have a massive difference on your weight loss efforts.

Secondly, when your losing weight you have to cut out the sugar and this can cause cravings. You want and need something sweet. Rooibos tea can crush these sugar cravings. Because it’s a naturally sweet drink without the calories.

Also herbal teas contain ” catechins ” these have been linked to increasing your fat burning metabolism. Thus boosting the calories you burn naturally(2). There are a number of herbal teas for weight loss.

Alleviating Cardiovascular Issues

Rooibos herbal tea can also be used to prevent and alleviate hypertension (high blood pressure). High blood pressure (HBP) is usually known to cause multiple potentially dangerous cardiovascular diseases like atherosclerosis and heart attack. However, Quercetin, which is a potent antioxidant found in Rooibos herbal tea can be used to prevent and alleviate various cardiovascular disorders.

The powerful anti-inflammatory compound effectively scavenges free radicals to reduce blood pressure. Apart from that, quercetin also promotes the increase in good cholesterol (HDL) while preventing bad cholesterol (LDL) from binding to the arterial and blood vessel walls.

Rooibos Tea Side Effects

side effectsDespite all these amazing health benefits, there are some documented Rooibos tea side effects. According to the “Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center” the Rooibos natural herb demonstrates a certain level of estrogenic activity, hence; should not be used by people with hormone-sensitive cancer.

Some of the natural herbal remedy’s potent antioxidant compounds have also been discovered to interfere, especially with the actions of most chemotherapy drugs. It is, therefore, important to first consult your health practitioner before deciding to use the potent natural herbal remedy.


As you can see Rooibos Tea has many health benefits and it tastes good as well. So why not make it a habit to drink more herbal teas. ENJOY…

Medical information provided is for information purposes only. Always get guidance about a medical condition from a health care professional.
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