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Sage Herb Benefits

Sage is perennial plants, which actually originate from the Mediterranean region. Growth is strong and bushy. But even with us, sage feels now at home. Sage prefers a sunny site with permeable, calcareous soil. It is characterized by the aromatic scent that exude the leaves. The main harvest of sage takes place before the plant begins to bloom.

Since Sage light like all herbs and is heat-sensitive, should be stored dry sage and airy. Allow to dry at about 40 degrees Celsius either to bind bunches and hang or the stove. The harvest on sunny days and in the late afternoon guarantees the highest content of essential oils of sage.

Sage is a Medicinal Plant

Already the Latin name suggests the use of sage for: Salvia comes from the Latin “salvare” and means “cure”. Sage is therefore a medicinal plant . Their anti-inflammatory, germicidal and analgesic capabilities confirm Sage herb benefits .



Even when lowering of blood glucose levels sage plays a role as well as anti-convulsant. About all these skills people already knew about it in antiquity. But only monks brought the sage across the Alps and thus to Germany in the Middle Ages. The True Sage thus for centuries been used as a remedy, but also finds its application as a cooking spice.

Sage Herb Uses

Due to its strong savor, however sage should be sparingly used in the kitchen. The aroma unfolds when sage is heated in meat dishes. Popular Sage is also the case of offal, fish, loading cucumbers and salads and sour soups. Many consumers like sage on pizza and pasta.

The use of sage as a remedy is diverse. At the forefront is the processing of sage for tea. This tea can be taken internally. But also external applications will take place, for example in poor closing wounds. In blemished skin steam baths and compresses can help of sage. The cosmetics used sage for toothpaste and mouthwash to refine the flavor. When festering, oozing skin diseases or in women with menstrual cramps to recommend bathrooms with sage.

Sage For Health

The importance of sage in medicine is very large. Some call sage even as a panacea. Due to its astringent, disinfecting effect is sage in wide variety of applications. Sage is known in particular in the form of tea with a sore throat and also in all sorts of throat infections.

Another internal use will be for coughing and general cold symptoms . Singer drink sage tea with hoarseness. Sage also supports digestion. Here, the stomach will be strengthened and the metabolism is stimulated. Thus the reduction of is overweight supported. An antiperspirants effect is also reputed sage. Women in particular benefit in the menopause , which often under heavy sweating suffer.

Sage also plays a major role in nursing mothers. Sage contained a milk production – this is important when weaning and preventing engorgement. Applied externally, sage helps with ulcers , eczema and poorly healing wounds. Problems with insect bites can be alleviated as well as rheumatic pains . Sage wines help with diabetes and nervous exhaustion . Used in time, Sage can even make chemical drugs unnecessary.

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