Health Benefits of Herbs

Stop Smoking With Herbal Cigarettes

stop smokingIn this article, we will explain why and how herbal cigarettes can help you to stop smoking. Most smoking cessation methods are based on the use of substitutes, for example the use of nicotine gums/patches or electronic cigarettes. Which still deliver that nicotine boost.

These alternatives to giving up smoking have one thing in common, NICOTINE. You are giving up one source of nicotine for another. Which maybe less harmful because you are not inhaling the tobacco additives from the smoke.

Herbal Cigarettes – A Tobacco Cessation Aid

Never the less you are still absorbing the nicotine. It’s still in your system and you are still addicted. Only now your addicted to whatever substitute you chose. It becomes almost as difficult to give up the electronic cigarettes as it was to give up the real thing.


Herbal Tobacco

  • Tobacco-free
  • Nicotine-free and
  • Non-addictive

This is the reason Herbal Cigarettes can help you to stop smoking because they contain NO nicotine. Herbal Cigarettes are nicotine-free, so now the substitute is in your mind. It’s a psychological effect rather than chemical. Basically by changing to herbal cigarettes you are stopping nicotine instantly and of course there’s no tobacco additives.


Herbal Cigarettes and herbal mixtures are one way to stop smoking completely.

Herbal Cigarettes will help you to replace tobacco gradually over time, substituting Herbal Cigarettes for real cigarettes until you can finally say “I quit smoking”. You also have the added knowledge of knowing that all the ingredients are not addictive, unlike nicotine.  Herbal Cigarettes contain pure herbs specially treated and flavoured, there are no additives.

Each time you smoke an Herbal Cigarette or use Herbal Smoking Mixtures, you lessen your intake of nicotine, and the next tobacco cigarette will seem less attractive. You will soon lose the desire to smoke tobacco. But how long does it take to be completely free form the desire to smoke or put another way 

How Long Does It Take for Nicotine to Leave your Body.

Interestingly test have shown that nicotine leaves the body after only about 3 to 4 days. But that’s not the full story. because when nicotine enters your body it’s changed into a substance called cotinine. It has been shown that cotinine can stay present in your
body for as long as 20 days. So when you give up smoking you want to try to clear the nicotine/cotinine from your body as quickly as possible

Try these three methods:

  1. Drink plenty of water: This will help excrete the nicotine/cotinine through the kidneys. It will also get rid of other toxins present in the body.
  2. Have foods which Contain Antioxidants. like Fruit juices, Ginger tea. Also add some garlic to your diet
  3. Exercise – This will help speed up your body’s metabolism

Tips for Success:

  • Make sure your first cigarette is an Herbal Cigarette.
  • Avoid situations where you could get  tempted to smoke tobacco.
  • Keep Herbal Cigarettes to hand, just in case you get tempted.
  • Always think positively about quitting tobacco.
  • Make a plan to quit smoking and Stick to it.
  • Get the help of family and friends – tell them, they will help you to keep on the right road.
  • keep track of all that money your saving when you’re not smoking.
  • Treat yourself  when you have finally quit completely – perhaps buy something  with the money you have saved.
  • Start up an interesting healthy hobby when your health improve’s and it will.
  • Take more exercise – start by Walking more you will feel immeasurably better.

It must be remembered that even if you are just smoking herbal Cigarettes they still contain several thousand different compounds, Including carbon monoxide and tar which is present in normal nicotine Cigarettes. Therefore it’s not recommended to smoke herbal Cigarettes long-term. Just smoking them long enough to get rid of the tobacco/nicotine craving. Good luck…



Medical information provided is for information purposes only. Always get guidance about a medical condition from a health care professional.

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