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Benefits of Tuberose Essential Oil

Benefits ofTuberose Essential OilIn this article we will give you a quick overview of essential oil before explaining the characteristics of Tuberose Essential Oil. Then you will learn about 13 health benefits of Tuberose Essential oil.

Essential oils are non-oily appealing pungent liquids that occur naturally in various parts of plants, woods, herbs, flowers, and fruits.

They carry the life energy of the plant and have the ability to strengthen the immune system and stimulate our bodies natural healing abilities.

Many industries utilise the oils in different ways like in perfumery, aromatherapy and in medicinal. To keep up with the purity and quality standards of organic essential oils, traditional techniques of extraction are used.


In the early days, the man used these oils to treat naturally ailments such as wounds, cuts and the maintenance of a healthy functioning of the body.

Tuberose Essential Oil

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They were also used for culinary purposes. There are many essential oils, but tuberose essential oil is one of the most

Polianthes Tuberosa
Polianthes Tuberosa

significant oils. That, contains essential components to the benefit of mankind.

Tuberose is also known as “Night Queen” is considered the earliest and rare species. The plant thrives well in India and Central America. The essential is extracted by a solvent extraction method because the tuberose oil is extracted from its flowers.

The pure tuberose oil not that commonly known in herbal medicine but it is very familiar in perfume industries mostly in Africa, Middle East, and India. This is due to its properties, which include a sweet floral fragrance, which blends well with carnation, lavender, jasmine, and violet oils.

Health Benefits of Tuberose Essential Oil

Now you will learn 13 interesting health benefits of Tuberose Essential Oil. The natural oils vital health benefits Include:

1. Perfumery Industry

Natural Tuberose oil is widely used in the deodorants and perfumes due to its long lasting pleasant aroma, which is capable enough to fight bad body odor. The oil’s strong and long lasting fragrance make it an excellent choice for the manufacture of deodorants that are mostly used in hot and humid climate countries.

As the tuberose oil is not added chemicals, it can be recommended for vital and sensitive parts like virginal in the case of virginal odor.

2. Aphrodisiac

Far from the romantic names given to this essential oil that is (mistress of the night and night queen), the pure essential oil of tuberose creates an atmosphere of love and fills it with romance. It is highly enhanced with aphrodisiac agents.

Which aromatherapists use in the treatment of people who are suffering from weak or lack of libido, frigidity and impotence and other related problems. It has a tendency to stimulate the nerves that control arousal, sexual feelings, and libido, in turn, making your marital life happier.

3. Sedative:

Tuberose oil can help cure insomnia, reduce depression, stress and can also release tension and anxiety as it is highly sedative. It triggers stimuli in the nerve system that control the brain to sleep that makes it an excellent for reducing inflammation in the respiratory system. For perfect sedating results, you may need to overdose or use for an extended period.

4. Improves Blood Circulation

The oil has a warming quality that stimulates blood circulation. This organic oil is competent enough to improve the blood circulation in the body for a healthy and proper functioning. This mostly assists those people who suffer from arthritic conditions and joints pains.

5. Anti-Spasmodic

Natural tuberose oil aids in reducing intestinal cramps and calming spasms. The antispasmodic action is a useful medication for convulsions a spasmodic cough, and pains. Consider using tuberose essential oil in case you have a spasmodic cough or cramps on feet.

6. Warmth Oil

As a healthy circulatory, tuberose oil boosts blood circulation and brings about warms your body. Circulatory properties bring the outcome of warming by this essential oil. This organic oil influences a warming effect in your body hence reducing cold turkey. It can be very useful during the winter season when your body is prone to getting cold.

7. Anti-Depressant

Pure tuberose essential oil is a powerful antidepressant. It reduces anxiety and calms the mind. Aromatherapists use this natural essential oil to treat disorders such as nervousness, depression, and hysteria. Since the oil aids in boosting blood circulation it thus helps one to meditate.

8. Relaxing

The sweet scent of the pure tuberose essential oil has relaxing effects on the nerves, the muscles, and brain. The effect of relaxing the mind, it is a pre-requisite for a successful sex as tension is reduced. It calms the mind hence giving relief from nervous afflictions, anger, stress, depression, tension, and anxiety. It also helps to relieve seizures, diarrhea, cramps, and spasmodic coughs.

9. Cure for Sexual Disorders

aphrodisiac neededThe tuberose essential oil can cure sexual disorders like impotence through boosts blood circulation all over the body thus inducing the warm effect.

10. Anti-Nausea

Tuberose essential oil can be used to counter nausea (although it may cause a headache to some people). It is also used as skin care for keeping skin free from cracks on the skin, in hair oils, and skin infections and also to reduce effects of a foul smell in various parts of the body and also it reduces the tendency of nausea.

11. Treatment of Frigidity

The oil is very effective in treating frigidity and increases libido. It can be used orally or in aromatherapy but either way, the oil’s components stimulate the parts of the brain that control sex feelings, libido, and arousal. Note, because of the strong aroma of this essential oil, oral administration of it is rare.

12. Moisturises the Skin

Few drops of this essential oil of tuberose locks moisture on the skin when used during massage with a solution of lukewarm water. The regular use of this solution as a moisturiser will help the skin to remain young and soft. It also contributes treat and prevents skin infections.

13. Naturally Defensive

The pure oil fragrance of tuberose flowers has anti-fungal, and antibacterial properties make it ranked among the high medicated oils. Through research on “Essential Oils on Antibacterial Activity” showed that essential oil of tuberose proved useful to treat negative and positive gram bacteria(1).


Tuberose essential oils should not be used in its concentrated form as it can cause headaches due to the intense aroma. Also, it should not be taken internally without the guidance of Practitioner as it is an absolute.

In conclusion, before using the tuberose essential oil, blend with suitable carrier oils and always keep the oil out of reach of children. Want to discover more about Essential Oils.

Medical information provided is for information purposes only. Always get guidance about a medical condition from a health care professional.

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