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When to Drink Green Tea Before or After Meal for Weight Loss

Drink Green Tea Before or After MealToday you will learn when to Drink Green Tea Before or After Meal for Weight Loss.

I was recently asked a question by a friend of mine. He said I know green tea can help you lose weight. But when’s the best time to drink green tea before or after a meal?

So, since I’d discussed before. The benefits of drinking green tea before going to bed. How and why this can help with weight loss.

I thought this would make a interesting topic, so keep reading to find out my conclusion.


Thus; today I will talk about what is the best way to take your green tea.

Should you, have your tea before or after a meal and is this important for your weight loss journey.

Best Time to Drink Green Tea to Boost Metabolism

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But first lets take a look at the weight loss benefits of green tea. This will help you better understand when you should drink your tea. The benefits of green tea have been know for thousands of years. One of these health benefits is the “thermogenic effect” or thermogenesis(1) .


This effect helps to boost your metabolism. To put this in simpler terms it speeds up the rate at which you burn calories. The faster your metabolism goes the faster you use calories. Thus; if you use calories faster than you consume them, YOU will lose weight.

Green Tea to Suppress Your Appetite

Another useful benefit of green tea for weight loss is it’s ability to suppress your appetite. This means you will feel fuller for longer. Furthermore your craving’s for certain foods will also be suppressed

One of the most important compounds in green tea is a polyphenol called ” epigallocatechin-3-gallate “. This is also referred to as EGEG for short. In human and animal research studies the health benefits of EGEG have started to emerge recently (2).

Some of these benefits include: preventing heart disease, improving brain health. But for our purposes EGEG also has a significant benefit for weight loss.

Burning Up Your Body FAT

This works in two ways. The first way is thermogenesis which I discussed above. The second way is ” fat oxidation

Fat oxidation(3) is a complex subject which involves chemical and metabolic reactions. However in simple terms fat oxidation means that your stored fat in your body is oxidized or used up. Hence the bodies fat stores are reduced because your burning it as energy. This in turn will help you to lose that weight.

Relax With Green Tea

Another interesting component of green tea is a amino acids called L-theanine. This is not directly related to weight loss. However, L-theanine does help reduce stress and makes you more relaxed. While also boosting your alertness and concentration. This gives green tea a so called, alert calmness (4)


We now know green tea boosts your metabolism and helps the body burn fat. Hence, knowing this it seems the best time to take green tea is before you have a meal. The reason for this is because this gives the tea time to work on revving up your bodies metabolic rate.

If your a perfectionist drink your tea before a meal.

Furthermore drinking the tea before a meal will help fill you up. In fact drinking even a glass of water will also fill you up, so that you eat less of your meal.

So the best way to drink green tea before or after meal for weight loss is before you have your meal. However, the effect either way is probably so small that it’s not worth worrying about it to much. End of the day just drink and enjoy your healthy green tea whenever and however you drink it.

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