Health Benefits of Herbs


david roulstonHi and welcome to Herbs For Health. My name is David Roulston and my mission is to bring you the best information on medicinal herbs available. I want to try and help you understand how valuable herbs can be for the maintenance of your health.

When Herbs for health was established the goal of the site was to provide interesting easy to understand advice on herbal medicines.

Now we want to go further, therefore with each of our articles we aim to provide useful scientifically backed knowledge to our readers.

I will give you all the relevant info so that you can decided on the best course of action.

As an example you have a chose, if you have insomnia, you can ether take sleeping pills or take a good herbal tea. I’d recommend chamomile.

Information is power and by reading the articles on this site, you will have the power to decide on the best course of action for you.

I truly believe in the amazing power of healing herbs. YES, pharmaceutical medications have there place and I’m not advocating that you can live your life without any conventional medication.

However I believe that the vast majority of pharmaceutical medications can be substituted by herbal remedies.

We try where possible to use scientific evidence to back up our advice on herbal cures. Herbs for health’s ultimate aim is to provide you with a single source to find all the information you need on medicinal herbs and there health benefits.

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