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Benefits of Fennel Herb

fennel-seedFennel Herb is a medicinal herbal remedy cultivated mainly in Asia and Southern Europe. Fennel is also cultivated in other parts such as the United States and the Britain.

The Fennel Herb has got other subspecies that have been discovered by the herbalists to have a lot of health benefits.

The Fennel Herb is treasured for its uses that bring with it medicinal values for different diseases and illnesses.

The benefits of this herb include nutritional benefits as well as health benefits.


Nutritional Benefits of Fennel Herb

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The fennel herb has got lots of nutrients that are so beneficial to the body. The raw herb of fennel have about 73 calories and do not have the cholesterol content. 17g carbohydrate, 2.9g protein, and 7g fiber among other nutrients.

All the above nutrients serve several functions in the body that include body building and provision of energy to the body. The body normally functions when the nutrient requirements are enough for the body tissues and cells specialized in various functions in the body.

In addition to the nutrients that the fennel herb gives to the body, there are also vitamins and minerals that also plays a major role in the body. The vitamin content of the drug includes vitamins A and C and B-6, E and K. The mineral content include potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, iron, and phosphorus among other minerals.

Heath Benefits of Fennel Herb

Apart from the nutritional benefits that come along from the use of fennel herb, there are also health benefits. Health benefits are related to the capacity and the ability of the herb to prevent or cure some diseases.

The contents of the fennel herb are what gives it the power to prevent or cure some of the diseases and illnesses as discussed below.

Bone Health

The mineral content of the drug is what contributes to the strengthening, building and maintenance of the bones in the body. The minerals in question are calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus among other minerals serves a great deal of bone building, protection and also helps the bones to become strong.

Here are the functions of every minerals and vitamin that are contained in the fennel herb.

  • The calcium and phosphorus are necessary for bone structure and therefore, the two minerals should be used in a more balanced manner to enhance its effectiveness.
  • Zinc and iron are necessary for the production of collagen and also its maturation. The collagen plays a crucial role in the strengthening of the bones.
  • The presence of both manganese, zinc and iron are the requirements for matrix formation in bones as well as the maturation and production of collagen.
  • Vitamin K plays a crucial role since it serves as a modifier of bone nutrients such as proteins. Also, it enhances the absorption of calcium.

Blood pressure

The fennel herb is a drug that has been found to contain a lot of nutrient and vitamin contents. Some of its minerals help in reducing the risk of high blood pressure. Regulation of sodium intake is essential in reducing the pressure of the blood.

Also, increasing of the potassium plays a vasodilation role that also help in reducing the blood pressure.
Also, the nitrates present in the drug have also been identified and found to reduce the blood pressure as well as protecting the heart from various diseases associated with high blood pressure.

Heart Health

heart health

Fennel herb performs heart protection function. The nutrients and the minerals that are found in the drug has been proven to improve the health of the heart as well as enhancing its normal functioning.

The fennel contents such as potassium, the fennel’s fiber, the folate, vitamin B-6 and C, and its lack of the cholesterol content are the core minerals and vitamin contents. It aids in promoting the health of the heart and the normal functioning at all times.


The fennel herb contains the minerals such as selenium that are not easily found in vegetables and fruits. This mineral is essential in fighting the cancer cells in the body and also plays other roles such as inflammation prevention.

Also, the mineral has been found to be effective in reducing the growth rate of the tumor cells.
In addition to this, the folate mineral also plays a critical role in DNA synthesis and hence prevents cancer cell formation.


The minerals and most vitamins that compose the fennel herb have a preventive capacity and, therefore, serves to protect the body against infectious diseases. Selenium, for example, has been found to enhance the immune response of the body to infection through the production of the killer T-cells.


The mineral such as choline that is found in the fennel herb has been proven to be a useful and effective mineral that helps in learning, muscle movement, also helps sleep and good memory. The choline mineral also helps in the nerve impulse transmission, fats absorption as well as reducing the chronic inflammation.


Fennel herb is a rich source of vitamins. The vitamin, in particular, is vitamin B-6. It aids in the breakdown of proteins and carbohydrates into amino acids and glucose that supplies energy to the body and hence enhancing the normal functioning of the body organs and tissues.



The fennel herb is a whole round drug that plays several roles including aiding in the digestion roles of the body. The drug contains a lot of fiber content that helps enhance the health of the digestive tract and also prevents constipation.

Iron Absorption

The deficiency of iron mineral in the body results in a disease known as anemia. The use of fennel drug as well as other foods that are rich in vitamin C enhances the capacity of the body cells to absorb iron.

Reproductive Regulation

Fennel herb contains estrogen that serves a crucial role in the regulation of the reproductive cycle of women as well as their fertility. The drug is, therefore, useful for regulating fertility of women and their reproductive function.

Skin protection

The fennel herb is rich in nutrients, minerals and vitamins that are so essential in skin protection against the damages caused by pollution or the sun. Also, the vitamins include vitamin C, which handles the formation of collagen that serves a great deal in smoothing the skin.

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