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Benefits of Garlic

Garlic benefits

Garlic is used commonly as a flavoring agent or as food. It is important to know that when you use garlic as food, you will get many health benefits. However, when you use garlic for medicinal purposes, there are even many more desired results that you get. Allicin is the main ingredient in garlic that is active and it varies according to the age of garlic.

As allicin reduces in garlic, the garlic odor also reduces. Therefore, an odorless garlic contains little or no allicin. A garlic with less amounts of allicin is less effective as compared to a garlic with high amounts of allicin. This means that, garlic products may vary in terms of effectiveness depending on whether they were made from younger or older garlic.

Garlic is often described as a super-food because of its many uses.



Garlic is highly nutritious and contains few calories. It has also been proven that it contains traces of other nutrients that make it a beneficial and powerful healer in universal status. Your body’s immune system and overall health can be improved by garlic either when used as a supplement or as a fresh plant.

Amazing Health Benefits of Garlic

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For optimal health, you can take garlic as it is multi-purpose (super-food) and gain all its benefits. Something amazing about garlic is that, its value does not change, whether it is minced, powdered or salted.

These are just some Garlic nutrition benefits. Below are some more of the many health benefits of garlic.

Treats hair loss

This wonderful herb contains sulfur content in extremely high amounts. In the sulfur content, there is keratin, which is the protein found in the hair. As a result of taking garlic, growth and fortification are stimulated. Hair regrowth can, therefore, be achieved by using garlic gel on your head.

Garlic Blood Pressure

Garlic can help lower blood pressure. Blood pressure can be kept at bay by taking garlic supplements each day. Allicin, which is its active compound, has got the power to reduce blood pressure largely than prescribed drugs. Therefore, it is wise to consider taking this herb in spite of its odor. Research and studies show that garlic contains high amounts of polysulfides, which are believed to activate endothelium production.

As a result of this, there is smooth muscle vasodilation and relaxation.

Due to the smooth muscle relaxation in the wall of blood vessels, the blood vessels widen. If you are reluctant to take raw garlic due to bad breath, you can consider taking garlic supplements. The only point here is, you need the health benefits of garlic, but to get them, you can use various means.

Benefits of Garlic for Skin

It helps treat acne, in most cases, anti-acne products do not contain garlic as an ingredient. However, you can use it as topical treatment naturally to eliminate blemishes. Allicin is very powerful, to an extent of bringing to a halt radicals effects and killing bacteria. The sulfenic acid content found in allicin, in its decomposed form, quickly reacts with radicals. This is what makes garlic a vegetable that is highly valuable to treat scars that result from acne, allergies and skin diseases.

Fighting common cold

Garlic_kitchenDuring those moments that you feel weak due to the stubborn common cold, consider taking garlic supplements when you are ill in order to feel better. To feel the effects of garlic when you have a cold, you might need to take more than a clove a day if you are taking it raw. To ward off the viruses, you can take the garlic supplements which act at a higher rate.

Supplements reduce a common cold by 63% as compared to when you fail to take them. Allicin containing supplements also reduce cold symptoms by 70%. Therefore, you get rid of the cold at a faster rate when you take a garlic supplement as compared to when you fail take the supplements.

Lowers heart diseases risk

Garlic reduces the risk of getting a heart disease by minimizing LDL cholesterol levels. From studies, garlic has a reducing effect on levels of cholesterol in individuals with high cholesterol levels. This is achieved as garlic attacks the main cholesterol producing enzyme, which is found in the liver and stops its activity. Supplements that contain garlic, can help the body to dissolve clots in the blood. This helps your body to minimize the risk of heart attacks that can be caused by arteries that are closed.

Improves bone health

Garlic is an alkalizing vegetable, which is rich in bone healthy nutrients like manganese, vitamin C, zinc and vitamin B6. Due to the manganese present in the garlic, there are antioxidants and enzymes, which play the part of facilitating connective tissues and bone formation, calcium absorption and bone metabolism. In females, garlic helps in preventing bone loss by increasing estrogen levels. This herb is, therefore, very important as it contains building block nutrients for strong and healthy bones.

Enhances physical performance

If you are unable to do your exercise for long and you would love to extend your workout session, then consider taking garlic or its supplements. This is because it has the ability to reduce exercise- induced fatigue and increases exercise capacity of an individual. This will help you to exercise longer as per your wish and as a result you will get a healthier body.

Garlic was anciently used to minimize fatigue among laborers to increase their working capacity. For individuals with heart diseases, garlic oil has been proven to increase their exercising capacity too.

From the above information, it is clear there are numerous health benefits of garlic, however, it should not be used to replace a medication that a doctor prescribed, as it is a supplement. It improves health conditions, but it has not been proven to cure a certain disease all by itself. To enhance the effectiveness of your garlic supplement, you should ensure that you have bought your supplements from a source that is reliable in order to ensure that, your supplement is not contaminated.

Garlic is also known to cause some side effects to people with certain health conditions. Therefore, it is wise to consult your doctor prior to taking garlic supplements in order for the doctor to examine whether you are allergic to garlic.

Garlic Side Effects

However the side effects are not fatal. They include;

  • · Nausea, gas, vomiting
  • · Heartburn, burning sensation in the throat or in the mouth
  • · Diarrhea
  • · Unpleasant breath or body odor

However Garlic is a valuable aid to your health as well as a flavorful addition to your food. Enjoy…

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