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chai tea Benefits

Chai Tea Benefits

Today you will discover the many health benefits of drinking Chai Tea. Tea is very helpful for our body. Most of us are using tea as a beverage to help cleanse their body. This is especially for those who have problems with their metabolism. We use tea for many purposes. Some drink tea to help …

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common figwort

Figwort Tea Benefits

Figwort herbal tea was traditionally used to treat tuberculosis. Today it’s better known as a detoxifying tea. Below you will discover the full health benefits of this interesting herbal tea. Figwort herb is also known by other names like Square Stalk, Rose-noble, Throatwort, Kernelwort, Heal-all Scrofula Plant, Throatwort, and Carpenter’s-square. Figwort herbs botanical name is …

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Bojenmi Tea Weight Loss

Bojenmi Tea Benefits [The Ultimate Secret]

Asian cultures have long loved the great benefits of TEA. The Japanese tea rituals to the Chinese medicinal uses of tea. The ritual, calming and healing benefits of tea have been renowned for 5,000 years. Today Chinese tea is drunk all over the world, not just for it’s taste but also it’s health benefits. The …

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