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Chamomile Tea Benefits – No One Knows About

Chamomile Tea BenefitsToday you will learn some interesting chamomile tea benefits that you probably don’t know.

Most people know Chamomile tea is good for anxiety and sleep. However you may be surprised by some of it’s other health benefits.

Keep on reading to discover 13 surprising health and beauty benefits of chamomile tea.

Tea is a beverage that is consumed by many people across the world because it is known as one of the nature’s greatest drugs.


It comes from the stalks, dried out leaves, and stems of plants. Water is added to make it a beverage. Tea can be drunk as a hot or cold drink or as plain or sweetened depending on what you add to it. The most mainstream variety is chamomile although there are hundreds of other varieties of teas available in the market boasting different health benefits.

One of the best-recommended herbal teas for treating health issues is chamomile. Many people are using this herbal tea. Is there any use of drinking chamomile tea? This question is quite common among new users of this herbal tea. Studies have shown that having Chamomile tea every day can help you fight cold and many other medical problems, which boost health. Relieving stress is also among the main advantages of including Chamomile tea in a diet. What is Chamomile?

Health Benefits of Drinking Chamomile Tea

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Chamomile is a member of the botanical family Asteraceae (sunflower), also known as mayweed. It could be found in both annual and perennial. Chamomile, which means ground apple,’ is a herb which its origin is from a blooming plant that is from Daisy gang. This herb is also known as Roman Chamomile.

The herb has been in use for over 1300 years both as an external application and as an infusion that is ingested. The beautiful chamomile flower blossoms at the early summers in North America, West Europe, Australia, and Asia.

Most commonly, chamomile is used as an anti-allergenic, diuretic and anti-inflammatory. The fresh and dried chamomile blossoms were used to make teas for long in the Roman Empire and in ancient Greece to cure various health issues. Chamomile oil is known to be antimicrobial as well and is used in many medicines and ointments, which aim to prevent or cure an infection.

13 Benefits Chamomile Tea

The most common method of using chamomile is by making an infusion of dried flowers of this herb in hot water to make what is best known as chamomile tea. The tea is left to cool so that maximum benefits are extracted from the flowers. In places where chamomile is not available locally, people opt for tea bags that have the herb in dried form in ready to use bags. Here are the nutritional health benefits of chamomile tea to help motivate you to add it to your day.

1. Chamomile Tea Sleep – Relieve Insomnia

It is true, the of Chamomile Tea has calming effects which are so strong that is used to treat insomnia, to calm you after a stressful day, or even just for relaxation. This type of tea also has sedation properties, which can be an alternative treatment for depression especially if nervousness causes it. The tea has a relaxing effect, which makes one sleep soundly. A cup of this herb tea before bedtime is an incredible home solution for sleeping disorders.

2. Menstrual Cramps

Chamomile tea is known to help relief menstrual cramps in women as it can relax the uterus. It increases the level of glycine that assists to lessen muscle spasms. Also during pregnancy, this herbal tea is recommended on a regular basis during. It aids in alleviating morning sickness in pregnant women who suffer from the dreaded morning sickness. In other words, this herbal tea is perceived to be woman’s best friend in many cases.

3. Boosts Immunity

Chamomile tea is said to boost the immune system and prevents infections like common cold and flu as it has antibacterial properties. It also protects one against bacteria infection and illnesses.

4. Reduce Puffiness Under Eyes

Chamomile tea that is cold can be made into a pack to soothe strained and irritated eyes.

5. Hair-care

Chamomile tea enriches hair color when combined with henna that creates natural highlights for dark hair. It also prevents dandruff and soothes itching scalp.

6. Promotes Healthy Skin

Chamomile tea has an intense cleansing, moisturising, antioxidant, and healing properties, which are useful for a skin care. The antioxidant in this herb helps in fighting against acne. Adding chamomile tea to a hot bath helps to soothe dry skin. This herbal tea stimulates healing of minor wounds.

Herbs For Younger Looking Skin

The regular intake of this herbal tea also moisturises and nourishes the skin. So you can use chamomile tea as your homemade recipe for beauty.

7. Soothes Stomach Ache

Stomach upset can be soothed by drink a cup of hot chamomile tea. Chamomile has been proven to improve digestion. In fact, for this purpose, this tea is often used in combination with peppermint. Both of these aid in better breakdown and digestion of food. With improved digestion comes better metabolism, better absorption of nutrients into your body and thus a better overall utilization of the food you eat. Doctors recommend this herb to patients suffering from chronic Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

8. Helps in Managing Anger.

This is why it’s used to calm down kids throwing tantrums. It also helps curb the irritability or mood swings arising from caffeine. In fact, this herbal tea is also used in aromatherapy for the same benefits.

9. Helps with Diabetes

Chamomile tea also benefits people with Type 2 Diabetes. A recent research proved that chamomile could prevent diabetes. According to the researcher, Chamomile ingredients could neutralize diabetes. Chamomile flower consists of the various chemical substance such as alpha-bisalcohol, Glycine, Amico acid tryptophan, polylines, flavonoid, chamazulene.

10. Treatment for a Migraine

Drinking chamomile tea just after you start to feel the effects of a migraine. This will stop a migraine from becoming severe. These herbal tea contain caffeine that helps to stimulate the nervous system. However, avoid drinking too much of it because it will aggravate a migraine. 1 cup a day would be enough.

11. Detoxification

Chamomile tea helps in kidney detoxification. This is done by consuming dried chamomile flower and boiled water as tea.

12. Muscle Relaxation

This herb is one of the oldest plants could be used for muscle relaxation by helping to lower stress in muscle.

13. Reduce Thyroid Cancer Risk

Naturopathic doctors advise their patients to drink chamomile daily. One study showed that those who continued to drink chamomile over the course of three decades had an 80 percent less risk of thyroid cancer(1).


Home cures that are natural medicines and beauty aids are my idea of economic and fun too! So, bring home Chamomile tea and give your family the gift of good health today! ENJOY.

Medical information provided is for information purposes only. Always get guidance about a medical condition from a health care professional.

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