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9 Elemi Essential Oil Benefits [The Wondrous Oil]

Elemi Essential Oil

Today you will discover 9 Awesome Benefits of Elemi Essential Oil.

Elemi is not one of the most popular essential oils, but it has many goodies for your health.

It’s usually a spicy and grounding essential oil that has been used in Europe for many years in their skin and facial salves.


Elemi is considered as a cousin to the frankincense and myrrh. In Egypt, Elemi was used for embalming.

The Awesome Health Benefits of Elemi Essential Oil

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Elemi Oil has Natural Properties that support skin. Today, this is a great choice for aging skin, wrinkles, fine lines, as well as skin tone improvement. Most of the high-end brands such as Chanel, Estee Lauder, and Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren contain elemi Oil. This is an indication of the benefits that the essential oil has.

However, these brands also contain other harsh chemicals that are not great for your skin. Instead, you can opt for the natural Elemi essential oils to enjoy the natural vibrancy it brings to the skin.

Exactly What is Elemi Essential Oil?

Elemi resin tree
Elemi resin tree

The Elemi oil is harvested from the resin of the elemi tree, which is scientifically referred as Manila Elemi or Cabarium Luzonicum. This tropical tree is native to Philippines and neighboring countries. The tree grows up to 115 feet tall and has pale yellow resins when spouting the leaves.

The tree has a lemony and sharp pine smell.

It’s extensively featured in the aromatherapy as well as herbal medicine as a treatment for various ailments. The tree is also closely related to trees that produce frankincense. However, the frankincense is a bit expensive and sometimes Elemi, which is cheaper, is used in its place.

Elemi resin
Elemi Resin

Internal Health Benefits of Elemi

Traditionally, the Elemi was used in incense and soaps. It was also used to soothe chest infections as well as a steam inhalation for sinusitis. In some parts of the world, this essential oil was also used as a stimulant, treating ulcers; prevent swelling as well as easing the rheumatism symptoms. When it comes to aromatherapy, Elemi was used for balancing and grounding properties. It is even said to help in chakra alignment as well as relieving stress.

Most of the health benefits that come with the elemi essential oil are attributed to its analgesic, antiseptic, stimulant, expectorant, and tonic substance.

These health benefits come from chemical components of elemi oil which are elemicine, elemol, dipentene, limonene, terpineol and phellandrene.

Elemi Essential Oil The Health Benefits

Health Benefits

Lets us look at some of the therapeutic properties of elemi oil. Although new studies continue to discover more benefits that come with this essential oil. We are only going to mention some of the most important benefits here.

Keeps You Safe From Infection

One of the reasons why the elemi essential oil was widely used in primeval Egypt for embalming is because of its antiseptic properties. This essential oil has potent antiseptic properties protecting you and your skin from all infections. This includes microbes, viruses, fungi, bacteria, along with protecting against tetanus and septic.

The essential oil is not only useful in protecting wounds. It also prevents other infections that affect our urethra, urinary tract, urinary bladder, kidneys, colon, stomach, intestines, as well as other organs.

Dipentene or more well known as Limonene is one of the main components that gives Elemi it’s antiseptic propreties. The natural terpene has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory abilities(1). Studies also show D-limonene has some anti-cancer propreties(2).

Analgesic Properties

Most of us understand the use of analgesic. For those who don’t, analgesics are painkilling agents. Although these agents play a major role in easing the pain, they come with various side effects. However, the good news is that getting natural analgesics means reduced advese effects. This means that you will get all the benefits of analgesics without suffering the adverse side effects.

The analgesic properties of the elemi essential oil are effective in reducing the pain that is related to fevers, sprains, and colds. Besides this essential oil plays a major role in relieving migraines, headaches, joint pain, muscle pain, as well as pain in ears.

Ease’s Breathing

There is a need of a decongestant especially when we have trouble breathing. This is also important when we have congestion in the nose, lungs as well as exhausting coughs because of the build up od catarrh or phlegm in the respiration tracts. This essential oil helps in getting rid of the congestion, making breathing easy.


The Elemi essential oil stimulant effects are widespread. Besides being used in boosting blood circulation, this stimulant offers the body with a host health benefits. To begin with, these essential oils help in the circulation of enzymes and hormones from the endocrinal glad as well as the release of gastric and bile juice to the stomach.

By doing this, the stomach can digest the food more easily and efficiently.

Additionally, Elemi also stimulates the nervous responses. This includes those that affect the brains neurons, respiration, heartbeat, menstrual discharges, and motion in the intestines as well as mild secretion in lactating moms. The secretion of milk is facilitated because of the elemi’s stimulating effects of production of certain hormones that includes progesterone and estrogen.


When most of us hear the word tonic, the first thing that comes to mind is the old-fashioned bottle that has thick green syrup inside. On the contrary, a tonic is a substance that helps to tone your body. When we were kids, our parent used to feed us with tonics spoonfuls. Most children do not like tonics, so the parents encourage them to take them in order to grow quickly. This is true.

Besides, keeping diseases at bay, tonics helps to tone up the functioning of all organs of the body.

This includes things such as better respiration, circulation of blood, cardiovascular health, nervous, neural as well as the endocrinal systems. Additionally, this property also helps in boosting the immune system as well as protecting the body from infection as well as other complications.


The decongestant and expectorants taste awful. If you hate taking or giving your child the sickly sweet cough syrup, using the Elemi essential oil is a great alternative. This essential oil taste is a little less obstructive making it easier to swallow. Besides, it has strong Expectorant properties that reduce the congestions in the nasal tract windpipe and lungs, making breathing easier.

Elemi Essential Oil Skin BenefitsBenefits for skin

This Essential Oil helps Boost your Skin Health. Yet another great health benefit that comes with the Elemi essential oil is that it can treat a few ailments on the skin. With both antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, this essential oil helps you to have a better-looking skin.

It does so by quickening the recovery of bruises and cuts as well as boosting the new cell development. Applying the essential oil on your skin will allow you to have a smooth and attractive looking skin.

Immune System Health Boost

A strong immune system is crucial for a healthy body. Weak immune systems are prone to illnesses such as cold and flu. Because of its antiseptic properties, the illnesses caused by bacteria, fungi, and other microorganism are reduced. The Elemi essential oil gives your body with a natural immune system that boosts your immune. This is crucial for most people especially those whose immune system has been compromised by illnesses.

Digestive Health

Besides help in the stimulation of hormone secretion, this essential oil aids in the absorption of food. Additionally, it prevents most of the common symptoms of poor digestion such as indigestion, stomach pain, as well as bloating.

Other Benefits of Elemi Essential Oil

  • Elemi essential oil offers relief to patients who perspire heavily
  • Has rejuvenating effects. This is great for reducing wrinkles, acne as well as scarring
  • Elemi is also harmonizing oil. This means that it works to bring the body, mind, and spirit together. This makes a lovely meditation essential oil.
  • Another reason to have this essential oil in your home because it is non-irritant and non-toxic.
  • You can use it as part of massage blend and apply it to the reflex point on feet and chakra.
  • Helps to unclog the blocked nasal passage and windpipe.
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How to Use Elemi Essential Oil

You can use the elemi essential oil in three ways. These include massage, inhalation, and compress

To use it for massage, start by diluting some drops of this essential oil with a carrier oil such as jojoba or coconut. Use the diluted version to massage it into your sore joints and muscles. Similarly, massaging it to your temple helps to relieve headaches while abdomen massage boosts your digestive health

You can also inhale the fumes of elemi essential oil to treat a cold, congestion, or sinus problems. To inhale it, add some drops to a bowl of boiling water. Cover the bowl top with a towel and lean over the head into the bowl. Inhales the vapor for about five minutes.

If you do not want to inhale, you can also make a soothing compress. You can do this by adding some elemi essential oil drops to a cold or warm cloth. Compress the cloth on the joins, muscles, stomach, or temples to get the healing power.

Blending Elemi Essential Oil

To reap the full health benefits of this essential oil, you can also blend with other essential oil. Some of the other essential oils that work well with this essential oil include frankincense, sage, lavender, rosemary, and myrrh.

Elemi Essential Oil Side Effects and Precautions:

Elemi is considered safe for use because it has no serious side effects. However, there have been reports that suggest that application of the essential oil can be irritating for some people with certain types of skin. For this reason, you should avoid using it on the sensitive skin especially for babies. You should also not use it during breastfeeding or pregnancy without consulting your doctor.

The bottom line

Besides the uses we have listed above, the elemi essential oil can also be used as part of aromatherapy. Additionally, this essential oil has been used for centuries for skin care and pain reliever.

Getting this essential oil is simple. You can purchase it at a local drug store or order it online. One of the reasons why many people prefer getting it online is that you get good deals because many stores are selling it.

Online purchase is also convenient since you will receive the product in the comfort of your home. However, make sure that you have purchased it from a reliable source. It is evident that this essential oil has a lot to offer for our health. Get the benefits of this excellent essential oil.

Medical information provided is for information purposes only. Always get guidance about a medical condition from a health care professional.

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