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Use Eucalyptus Oil For Hair Growth [Why it Works]

Eucalyptus Oil For Hair Growth

Most people love experimenting with their hair to get the best possible look.

We do so by curling it, cutting it a bit short, coloring it, as well as adding textures and waves.

The mere idea of experimenting with our hair fills us with the joy of how the experiments transform our looks. This makes us feel good about ourselves boosting our self-esteem.


Reasons to Use Eucalyptus Oil For Hair Growth

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Honestly, although there is a thrill when it comes to doing your own hair and makeup, it takes a lot of time. If it’s your first time there, is also the risk of doing messes like cutting the hair too short or curling the hair the wrong way. Despite these risks, most people tend to avoid going to salons to have the hair done by professionals.

However, what fear stop these individuals from walking to a salon and let the professionals do their work? Is it lack of money to pamper our hair or the maintenance costs involved after that?

Well while these might be some of the reasons, there is increased use of chemical products in salons. This may give instant positive results but exposing the hair to these chemicals have a detrimental effect in the long run. For this reason, doing your hair makeup is somehow better especially if you are careful with the products you are using.

For the best results, you should ensure that you make use of the right ingredients to your hair care regimen. Doing so will not only help you avoid the chemicals that lead to various hair problems such as thinning breaking and stunted growth but also ensures your hair looks great.

All-Natural Hair Care

Going for an all-natural solution will ensure that you give your hair the best care. Luckily, we have several essential oils that offer you the perfect solution for your hair woes. Unlike other products that contain parabens(1)and other harmful chemicals that may result in serious hair damage, these are all natural products with the sole reason of improving your hair look and feel. Today we are going to discuss one of the essential oil that does wonders for your hair. This is Eucalyptus Oil.

What is Eucalyptus oil?

This oil is usually extracted from the leaves of the blooming eucalyptus trees. These trees belong to the Myrtaceae family; in this family, there are more than 700 varieties with most of them being indigenous to Australia. However, it is good to note that not all eucalyptus trees produce this oil. The most utilized leaves are from the Eucalyptus Globulus, which is also referred as the fever tree.

Using Eucalyptus Essential Oil for Hair

In the past couple of years, Ayurveda has become very popular all over the world because of its amazing benefits in promoting good health. Although today we have impressive advancements in the medical field, experts still maintain that there is no better medicine than the natural herbs. Eucalyptus essential oil happens to be one of the best natural healers we have today. This article will look at the various benefits that come with this essential oil that helps you maintain shiny and healthy hair.

Treats Fungal Infections, Dandruff, and Acne

You can say goodbye to the facial acne, patchy skin, back acne, and scalp acne. While we attribute the patch and discolored skin to the harmful UV rays from the sun, other factors such as dandruff and fungus in the hair also contribute to its development. According to experts, the acne that develops on your chest, face or back may be as a result of dandruff that falls from your hair.

The eucalyptus oil does a great job of treating the dry and damaged scalp.

This oil has natural antiseptic properties and powerful anti-fungal properties. This makes it effective in removing the bacteria and fungus in the hair follicles as well as the scalp. Since this essential oil is all natural, you can be sure to get the full benefits without the risk of damaging chemicals.

Eucalyptus oil has a pleasing herbal aroma that assists in fighting the unpleasant odor that comes from the infected hair follicles. Experts recommend the use of this oil when battling psoriasis combined with other dietary changes.

Applying Eucalyptus Oil to Your Hair

Interestingly, eucalyptus oil is probably the simplest essential oil to apply to your hair. You simply need to mix about 10-15 eucalyptus oil drops in about two tablespoons of warm carrier oil such as olive, jojoba or coconut. Use the mixture to massage your scalp and leave it overnight.

This will help to treat the pimples on the scalp, cleaning excess residue on the scalp and hair as well as clearing the excessive sebum buildup.

Promotes Blood Flow to the Hair Follicles

Did you know that one of the main cause of baldness, hair loss and sluggish hair growth is insufficient blood in the scalp and hair follicles. An increased flow of blood to the scalp will help in overriding the DHT molecules as well as other toxins that build up on the scalp because of the regular body cleaning process.

The eucalyptus oil has compounds that boost the blood circulation, helping cleanse the scalp. One of the components of eucalyptus oil is eucalyptol. This works like a strong natural vasodilator. Thus, increases the blood flowing through the body. As a result, the hair follicles are stimulated, fastening the growth of hair.

Boosts the Overall Hair Health

While playing with our hair by coloring it, styling it or cutting it, helps us to achieve the look we want, these experiments may leave our hair weak and prone to breakage. This can lead to split end, which ultimately means that your hair will lose its bounce.

For this reason, it is important to ensure that your hair has the right nutrition both external and internal so that it can retain good health and shine. By utilizing eucalyptus oil, the hair will grow fast and retains a natural shine.

It is good to note that excessive use of eucalyptus oil will do more harm than good. Too much of this oil on your scalp will result in excessive sebum production as well as a greasy scalp. You should also not let the oil settle on the hair for too long. In fact, some expert recommends using the oil one hour before bathing followed by shampoo and conditioner.

Say Goodbye to a Itchy Scalp

Another reason you should consider using this essential oil is its properties that assist in soothing an itchy scalp. This oil contains bio-chemicals that play a crucial role in eliminating the microbes and bacteria responsible for causing the itchiness(2).

To relieve the itchiness, you simply need to mix about 50ml of white vinegar plus 5 ml of eucalyptus essential oil in one liter of water. Ensure that the ingredients mix well before using it to rinse your hair. To ensure that the solution is distributed to every part of your scalp repeats the rinsing several times.

After this, you should rinse your hair with clean water followed by shampooing and conditioning of the hair. This will ensure that no excess eucalyptus oil is left in the hair.

When using the eucalyptus oil, you should stay cautious when rinsing your hair. If you let the solution get into your eyes, it causes serious irritation. If for any case it gets in your eyes, rinse the eyes using clean water until the irritation stops. If you find that the redness and irritation do not go down, seek medical attention.

Kill Head Lice

Lice are blood-sucking creatures that cause a lot of damage to the scalp. While there are many chemical treatments that are available on the market to get rid of the creatures, very few of them work. If the condition is left untreated, you will not only get serious damage to your scalp, but you can also spread them to your friends or family.

Regardless of the approach you take, an infestation of the head lice is something that needs to be dealt with fast and wisely.

Although the Tea tree oil is considered as the most potent, the eucalyptus oil is considered equally effective. The eucalyptus oil is also a better alternative to individuals that have sensitive skins.
Eucalyptus oil is a natural pesticide(3); this makes it effective in dealing with various parasitic infestations. Using it will help repel rice, making it an affordable and effective solution for dealing with the head lice.

Using Eucalyptus Oil for Head Lice Treatment

To effectively deal with the head lice menace and ensure that it doesn’t spread to other family members, mix about 3-5 eucalyptus oil drop in a tablespoon of regular shampoo. Massage this mixture into your hair and scalp.

Let it stay for about 5-10 minutes before rinsing it with lukewarm water. For effective, cover your lathered scalp with a shower cap. To remove the dead lice use a fine toothcomb. Using this technique three times a week will help you eradicate all the lice and nits in your hair.

Tips to Use Eucalyptus Oil for Hair.

Intrigued by the various eucalyptus oil benefits to your hair?

Without a doubt, this oil does a great job, and many people who have used it now swear by this healer. Below are some of the ways that you can include this essential oil in your hair regimen.

Adding in Hair Conditioner

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, this oil will help in bringing the inflammation down. This is crucial in soothing the scalp as well as treating your hair follicles. When using this oil in your conditioner, you need to add 5-7 drops to the hair mask you love.

You can also prepare a natural conditioner by making use of one avocado, a cup of coconut oil, a third cup of coconut milk and five drops of lavender and eucalyptus essential oils.

Add in Hair Shampoo

Another simple way that you can use the eucalyptus oil to promote hair growth is by mixing it with regular shampoo. Massage your scalp lightly using this shampoo before you rinse with clean water. The shampoo leaves behind an amazing tingling sensation that you will like.


Before using the eucalyptus oil in its undiluted form, you should perform a patch test. If you find that, it doesn’t irritate the scalp, you can proceed to apply on the areas affected. This oil does a great job in combating common skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, as well as inflammation. You can also mix it with a carrier oil to help fight fungal infections and dandruff.

Side Effects and Cautions

Nursing and pregnant mothers are advised against the use of this essential oil. Eucalyptus is also known to be very strong and can be toxic if you use it in large quantities. You should also not use this oil on children unless you are directed by a doctor. Besides, you should always keep this oil away from children.

Ingesting of the eucalyptus oil is also not advised as it causes nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, stomach pain, and even seizures. Besides, individuals who are suffering from epilepsy and high blood pressure should avoid using eucalyptus essential oil.


As you can see, there are compelling reasons why you should try out this essential oil. Using it at the right dosage will help you get beautiful and long hair you have always wanted. You can purchase the eucalyptus oil in most departmental stores as well as medical shops. You can also purchase it conveniently online. If you are looking for natural hair growth then also see herbs for hair growth.

Medical information provided is for information purposes only. Always get guidance about a medical condition from a health care professional.

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