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Fennel Tea Benefits [Digestive Aid]

fennel tea

Discover Fennel Tea Benefits for your health and drink yourself healthy.

This medicinal herbal tea has carminative and aromatic properties. The tea is famous as a digestive aid which can help bloating and cramping in the digestion system.

The Fennel herb is a resilient perennial plant. That is scientifically known as Foeniculum vulgare. Which comes from the carrot family. Fennel plant is a very flavorful and aromatic herb.


That is commonly used for medicinal and culinary purposes. Fennel has three parts namely; bulb, stalk and leaves. All parts of this herb are safe for human consumption. Fennel herb has small yellow flowers that produce fennel seeds. This herb has green leaves that look like the dill herb.

What is Fennel?

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It has a base that is similar to an onion bulb. Which can be used like a vegetable. The fennel vegetable can be eaten raw, braised, grilled, stewed or sautéed. The fronds and leaves of fennel are used in cooking to enhance flavor while fennel seeds are a added spice.


Fennel plant is native to the Mediterranean. Where ancient Romans cooked it for its liquorice-like aroma and succulent leaves. It was the oldest cultivated plant there. However, this herb now grows naturally in most of the world. The herb thrives well in most temperate parts of Europe, East Asia, and India. It was widely used for weight control in the ancient Greek world.

One of the common ways to consume fennel herb is by preparing fennel tea. This popular herbal tea is brewed using fennel seeds to add a taste of licorice. The fennel seed contains phytoestrogens and is rich in nutrients and antioxidants.

How to Make Fennel Tea

Ingredients; boiling water, one teaspoon fennel seeds(slightly crushed)

Method: Brew up the crushed seeds. Then, Steep the hot water with the crushed fennel seeds for twenty minutes.

After this, stain and allow the mixture to cool at room temperature.

Dosage recommended of this herbal tea is one cup after every four hours.

Healthy Benefits of Fennel Tea

Fennel tea is a very healthy beverage for you as it can relieve many health problems and conditions through its many health benefits. The tea helps improve digestion and this in turn leads to many other benefits. Below you will find out why?

1. Helps to kill Internal Parasites

Another benefit fennel tea is that it is helpful in eliminating internal parasites. The tea has a laxative effect that assist in promoting intestinal movement. Which in turn helps to get rid of the worms from the body. Fennel can be used as a Anthelmintic herb.

Some studies also suggest that the fennel seeds also act as a tranquilizer for worms. Additionally, some studies also suggest worms can’t lay eggs when resting thanks to fennel. The fennel tea can stop them from increasing.

2. Assist in Treating Diabetes

Managing Diabetes

Since fennel tea is a great source of vitamin C, it helps in the healing process of diabetes. Doctors state that intake of vitamin C can help in lowering the blood sugar in people who have Diabetes. Additionally one of the medications that are taken by people suffering from diabetes is Gluconorm 5(1).

Which is a constituent of fennel. Another reason why fennel is considered as a great plant that helps in healing diabetes is its high content of potassium. Potassium helps in increasing insulin sensitivity. Thus; recommended for people suffering from diabetes.

3. May Help in Preventing Cancer

According to an American research study. All herbal supplements that contained fennel as an ingredient. Have shown positive results when preventing prostate cancer. The study stated that fennel tea contained a number of antioxidants. That assist in protecting against cancer.

Other studies suggest that Fennel contains bioactive compounds such as quercetin. Which possess anticancer properties. The herb also contains other anti-inflammatory properties(2). That are associated with a phytonutrient, which is referred as anethole. Besides hindering inflammation. Anethole also reduces the chances of the regular cells turning into cancerous ones(3).

4. Treats Heartburn

Another common application of fennel tea is to treat heartburn. Most people who have suffered from this irritating effect of heartburn. Have reported of getting effective relieve after taking this herb. You can decide to either take it in the form of tea or chew the fennel seeds. Whenever you start feeling the symptoms of ingestion.

5. Enhances the Health of Women

Chinese have used fennel volatile oils, which are considered to have mild estrogen quality. To help treat the hormonal problems in women. Taking the fennel tea is also believed to boost libido in women. As well as stimulating the production and flow of milk in women who are lactating.

Since fennel tea helps in stimulating the estrogen production. It’s also used in relieving the PMS symptoms as well as menstrual cramps. Additionally, because of the availability of anethole in this herb, fennel tea has also been used for a long time. By both herbalists and midwives as a tonic that helps in protecting the female reproductive system.

6. Fennel Tea Weight Loss


Since ancient times, fennel helsp to promote weight loss and detoxify the body. Fennel is a natural diuretic because when consumed; it assists the body to remove excess water and through this, one is able to shed some weight.

The process of removing the excess water in the body helps the body a lot to get rid of toxins. Fennel is a important ingredient in detox programs. Thus, through drinking fennel tea or consuming fennel herb. Yes it will help you detoxify naturally.

7. Helps to Get Rid of Bad Breath and Reduces Inflammation

Apart from helping in digestion, it also helps in eliminating bad breath. The tea made of fennel seeds has a pleasant aroma that sticks in the mouth. Also, those who suffer from gout, arthritis and inflammation issues have found a cure in fennel tea.

Fennel Tea Side Effects

  • For some people, consuming fennel tea can increase their sensitivity to the sun and might cause sunburns.
  • Can cause reactions especially in women who are pregnant
  • The tea might also interact with certain medications, and this can obstruct their metabolization
  • Not very safe for infants
  • Since the herb contains phytoestrogens, this tea may also disrupt the functioning of the endocrine system.


As you can see Fennel tea has many benefits for your health. The herbs are also inexpensive and readily available. Preparing the tea is very simple, so you do not have to worry about spending a lot of time doing so.

However, just like most of the other herbal supplements. you should contact your health professional before consuming the fennel tea to give you the go-ahead. Good luck!

Medical information provided is for information purposes only. Always get guidance about a medical condition from a health care professional.

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