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Best Herbs That Lower Blood Pressure

Herbs That Lower Blood PressureHigh blood pressure has been proven to be a great menace that contributes to a certain percentage of deaths.

High blood pressure also known as hypertension is a dangerous.

Medical condition that makes your heart to work extra hard due to hardening of arteries; a condition known as atherosclerosis.


Herbs That Can Help Control High Blood Pressure

Moreover, it increases the risk of stroke, congestive heart failure and other diseases, kidney disease, metabolic syndrome, cognitive decline, aneurysms and vision loss. Cases of elevated blood pressure are caused by factors such as diet, stress and lack of exercises, but it has no visible symptoms.

High blood pressure are caused by factors such as diet, stress and lack of exercises.

HighBloodPressureThe treatment of high blood pressure took an essential step when the use of herbal medicine was integrated into the primary health care as a remedy for high blood pressure. The medicine has been proven to have a better acceptability with your body and has fewer cases of side effects.

Thorough research on plants that have antihypertensive therapeutic and hypotensive values has been conducted. This has seen the approval of many herbs that have the hypertensive potential to help in reducing high blood pressure. Hence, here are the best Herbs That Lower Blood Pressure.



Basil is a delicious herb that blends well with many foods. It is a native plant in Iran, India, and other tropical parts in Asia, however, it has been made widely available in the world. The herb has antioxidants, antimutagenic, antiviral, antitumorigenic and antibacterial properties. These features make its extracts essential in lowering high blood pressure. The addition of fresh basil into your diet is easy and has useful benefits. It is prudent to keep a small pot of basil extracts in the garden of your kitchen. Besides, you can add the fresh leaves to soups, pasta, casseroles, and salads.


Cinnamon is a tasty seasoning that you easily integrate into your daily diet and plays a bigger role in bringing your blood pressure down and preventing heart diseases. Cinnamon when combined with diet, magnesium and lifestyle changes have been proven to cause a reduction in your blood pressure up to 25mmHg.

Moreover, consumption of cinnamon has been proven to reduce blood pressure in patients with diabetes because it has antioxidants that are essential in the reduction of blood pressure. You should consider integrating cinnamon in your diet by adding them into your breakfast cereal, coffee, and oatmeal. You can also use cinnamon to enhance the flavor of curries, stir fries and stews for your dinner.


Garlic benefits

Garlic is a herb that contains allicin that possesses antioxidants, antibacterial and lipid lowering and anti-hypertension properties. Garlic is a pungent seasoning that adds flavor to your food and improves your breath.

Garlic has the antioxidant and anti-hypertension properties that give it the ability to lower your blood pressure levels by making your blood vessels to dilate and relax. This will make your blood flow freely hence will significantly reduce your blood pressure. You should consider adding fresh garlic to your recipes to get better results. Fresh garlic has potent cardioprotective properties that are essential for your health.


It is a tasty seasoning herb that originated from India but has been used immensely in the south-Asian foods. Cardamom that is in spicy form has antioxidant properties which are significant in the reduction of your blood pressure levels. The herb works by improving your body`s antioxidant status that assists in the breakdown of blood clots without affecting the blood lipids and the levels of fibrinogen.

Cardamom has been proven to pose no side effects to you hence it is essential as a herb that lowers your blood pressure. You should also include cardamom seeds or the spices in your stews, soups, and other baked foods in order to enjoy the special flavor it has and the positive health benefit it possesses.


Hawthorn Herb

Hawthorne is a herb that has been used greatly in the traditional Chinese medicines for many years as an herbal remedy to control high blood pressure. Hawthorns decoctions have been proven to possess many benefits that are essential in cardiovascular health and reduction of your blood pressure levels.

Besides, it helps in the preventing formation of clots and increasing your blood circulation. Hawthorns herb is available in liquid extracts, pills, and tea.


French Lavender

This is a Lavender herb that has beautiful and a perfume-like scent that has made it essential for use as a perfume ingredient and also helps in inducing relaxation. The extracts of French lavender have antihypertensive and bradycardia effects that work similar to acetylcholine which helps in lowering your blood sugar and boosting your memory that had been affected by the high blood pressure. Besides, you can use lavender as a culinary herb and its flowers are used in baked food.

Celery Seed

This is a herb that has been used greatly as a herb to treat hypertension in China. The celery seeds have 20 anti-inflammatory compounds such as a pigment, apigenin that is essential for anti-inflammatory action. It also has cardioprotective properties that and is diuretic hence helps in lowering your blood pressure levels. Apart from its seeds being used as a flavor in stews, soups, savory dishes and casseroles, the seeds can be used to extract a juice that will help reduce your high blood pressure levels.

Cat’s Claw

This is a herb that has been used greatly to treat neurological health disorders and hypertension in traditional Chinese practice. The herb treats hypertension by acting on the calcium channels in your body cells. It also contains an anti-inflammatory agent that hinders the production of hormone prostaglandin that always contributes to pain and inflammation. The cat`s claw is available in supplement form and is widely used as a tea.

Finally, these herbs have been proven to possess antihypertensive properties that make them essential in controlling your high blood pressure levels. This makes them essential for the achievement of many health benefits.

Medical information provided is for information purposes only. Always get guidance about a medical condition from a health care professional.

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