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Herbs To Lower Blood Sugar

lower blood sugar naturallyIn this article you will discover the best herbs to lower blood sugar. High blood sugar, which is also known by the scientific name hyperglycemia is a common but highly critical diabetes symptom. The symptom is often as a result of a significant increase in glucose levels in the blood. Insulin, which is responsible for regulating glucose absorption, also happens to be a very essential hormone in the body. This means that the lack of or reduction in insulin production is likely to result in even higher blood sugar levels.

Medical practitioners have often recommended various pharmaceutical over-the-counter medicines to lower blood sugar in the recent past. However, this trend is slowly changing as various scientific research.

Herbs That Can Lower Blood Sugar Naturally

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Have revealed that some of the available herbal remedies are highly effective in lowering blood sugar and also have fewer side effects as compared to conventionally used drugs. This article is going to focus on the use of some of the recommended herbs to lower blood sugar naturally.


Garlic benefits

Garlic which is known for its potential health benefits and a highly pleasant flavor is very effective in managing high blood sugar. The herb contains unique sulphur compounds, particularly hydrogen sulphide gas which is known to dilate blood vessels, thus reducing blood pressure to a great extent. Hydrogen sulphide gas also has the ability to help in iron metabolism, offer protection against oxidative damage as well as minimize cholesterol levels.

According to a scientific study1 that was published in “The Journal of Nutrition,” in March 2006, 500mgs of raw garlic per kg of body weight were very effective in lowering blood sugar in healthy rat specimens as compared to the use of 50mgs alone. These research findings revealed that garlic needs to be consumed in high doses to effectively lower blood sugar.



The oregano herb which is popularly found in Mediterranean and Spanish dishes is very rich in antioxidants that protect body cells against potential damage from harmful compounds called ‘free radicals.’ Oregano’s antioxidant properties are mild in nature providing a moderate inhibiting effect on enzyme amylase that is very essential in managing high blood sugar.

A scientific study that was published in the “Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition2” in the year 2004 revealed that ‘Majoram’ as oregano is sometimes referred to as can reduce enzyme amylase’s activity by 9 to 54 percent making it the ideal option for use in preventing hyperglycemia and other diabetes complications. The oregano herb has also been known to treat parasitic and bacterial infections.



Sage which is another herb that is popularly used in cooking has a wide range of nutrition and health benefits. The herb which contains phytosterols is used by medical practitioners and herbal experts to treat cramps and uterine bleeding. Sage which contains both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties can also play a major role in lowering blood sugar. A scientific study carried out in Germany revealed that diabetics can reduce their blood sugar levels to a great extent by drinking sage infusions on an empty stomach.

Another study3 that was published in the ‘Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome’ in March 2009 also indicated that consuming sage extracts daily can reduce blood sugar levels, cholesterol and triglycerides, making the herbal remedy not only useful in managing diabetes but also preventing other medical conditions associated with obesity like heart disease and hypertension.

Gymnema Sylvestre

The Gymnema Sylvestre herb which is native to India is regarded as one of the most powerful blood sugar control herbs. Its Hindi name simply translates as ‘sugar destroyer,’ explaining its key role. Gymnema Sylvestre which has a long history of use as a homeopathic medicine for treating metabolic disorder symptoms and inflammation contains active compounds called ‘gymnemic acids’ that possess anti-diabetic properties that are used in lowering high blood sugar.

The herbal remedy actively delays glucose absorption in the blood, hence lowering blood sugar in the process. Gymnema also interferes with people’s ability to taste sweet foods, forcing them to lower their overall sugar intake. Gymnema Sylvestre may also work by boosting the enzyme activities used in glucose consumption or stimulating those responsible for producing insulin.

Bitter Melon

The Bitter Melon (Momordica charantia) herb is known to block sugar absorption, particularly in the intestine and to help body cells use blood glucose more effectively. A study carried out by Philippine scientists revealed that both men and women who consume Bitter Melon for a period of up to three months experience a significant drop in blood sugar. Bitter Melon which is also referred to as ‘the vegetable insulin’ lowers blood sugar by producing a hypoglycemic antioxidant that effectively regulates blood sugar levels.

Bitter Melon compounds work by realizing an AMPK enzyme essential for regulating glucose uptake and energy metabolism. A component found in Bitter melon by the name ‘Lectin’ also helps in reducing blood sugar through suppressing appetite just as insulin does to the brain. Individuals who consume the herbal remedy are likely to have gastrointestinal problems as side effects.


American Ginseng
American Ginseng

The Ginseng herb which is known for its amazing disease-fighting and immune-boosting properties also plays a significant role in diabetes management. Research carried out on the ginseng herb has revealed that the ‘Chinese ginseng herb’ can slow carbohydrate absorption, increase insulin secretion as well as increase the rate at which body cells use glucose.

A team of highly respected scientists from the University of Toronto has proven that the regular consumption of ginseng capsules can lower blood glucose levels by up to 15 to 20 percent. The American ginseng herb which is also known by its scientific name ‘Panax quinquefolius’ has a unique constituent called ‘ginsenoside’ which can act as an insulin-producing agent when in the human body as well as reduce glucose levels in type 2 diabetic patients.


The wonder herbs discussed above can effectively lower blood sugar levels as well as help in treating various medical conditions as well as or even better than conventional over-the-counter drugs in some cases. There are few side effects associated with the herbal remedies, but there should be no cause for alarm as most of them are mild in nature.

However, it is very important to consult medical professionals or herbal experts as some of the herbs might prove to be very dangerous, especially to specific groups of people, including pregnant mothers, people under blood thinner medication, people with allergies among others. The experts are also likely to offer reliable advice on the appropriate dosage that is likely to be more effective.

Medical information provided is for information purposes only. Always get guidance about a medical condition from a health care professional.

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