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Homemade Herbal Shampoo

Homemade Herbal ShampooToday you will learn how to make your very own homemade herbal shampoo. Washing the hair on a regular basis is damaging to the pH levels. The scalp becomes oily or dry and flaky, and the hair becomes greasy or extremely brittle and dry.

Limiting the amount of times washing the hair occurs per week greatly helps repair the balance and texture too.

To help keep the hair fresh, smelling good and retaining its natural oils using a dry homemade herbal shampoo made from natural ingredients is helpful.

Homemade Dry Herbal Shampoo For Keeping The Hair And Scalp Fresh And Healthy


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These are the necessary ingredients for making a homemade dry herbal shampoo. To make this dry herbal shampoo the ingredients necessary are 2-cups of cornstarch and 6-drops each of rosemary, peppermint and lavender essential oils.

If there are allergies too these particular oils, using other essential oils that please the senses and makes the hair smell as good as possible.

However, rosemary, peppermint and lavender oils are outstanding for balancing the pH levels of the hair and scalp, promoting hair growth and improving the texture and smell of the hair naturally.1

Tea tree oil is also beneficial oil for promoting hair health as well. Some people even find ginger and cinnamon oils to be stimulating to hair growth, but these particular oils can causes burning sensations if careful use does not occur.

Making the Dry Herbal Shampoo

The easiest way to make the dry herbal shampoo is to carefully measure out and pour all the ingredients into a shaker container that is similar to parmesan or cinnamon shaker jars, place the lid on tightly and give the mixture a good shake together to combine the ingredients together well. After, the herbal shampoo is ready to use, but needs to be stored in a cool dry place where moisture cannot get to it because it will become clumpy and hard if it does.

Using the Dry Shampoo Properly

Using the dry shampoo is simple. Simply tilt the head over the sink or bathtub and sprinkle some of the dry shampoo into the hair. Next, brush the hair gently while rubbing the dry shampoo into the hair and scalp with the hands and fingertips.

While doing this, the cornstarch in the dry shampoo will absorb the oils that are causing the hair to appear greasy and lifeless giving it volume and softness again.

After, just style the hair as usual and go. Doing this a few times a week instead of fully washing the hair will help hair become vibrant, full of body and life and a lot softer in texture. Using it every day can cause a white residue build up though so use this product properly.

With that said, brown-haired people and people with black hair should use cocoa powder instead of cornstarch in the dry herbal shampoo recipe. It blends into the hair better without leaving a white residue. In addition, it provides a sweet chocolate area that is irresistibly pleasing.


Notes to Keep in Mind for Hair Health. Another way to keep hair healthy is to use organic hair care products and not ones filled with chemicals that will dry out and damage the hair. Shampoos that contain sea kelp and aloe are also outstanding for balancing out the hairs oils so it is not overly greasy or too dry.

Using organic heat safe styling products too protect the hair while using styling tools also helps as well.

However, refraining from using styling products in the hair is also beneficial to hair health. Otherwise, keep in mind over washing the hair causing more hair than good so replace some days with dry shampooing instead. It will save the hair and scalp and keep them healthy and strong. If you enjoyed this then also see 50 herbs for hair growth.

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