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Lotus Essential Oil Benefits

Lotus Essential OilDiscover the full Health Benefits of Lotus Essential Oils. With the high level of pollution in the environment nowadays. The tone of our skin gets affected.

It is a formidable duty to keep and maintain a glowing and healthy skin. Aromatherapy is a process that utilizes different sorts organic therapeutic essential oils.

This includes treating many kinds of stress and depression-related conditions and psychosomatic disorders. Which results more from our artificial lifestyle.

Exactly what is Lotus plant?


Lotus is a floating aquatic perennial plant and it belongs to genus Nelumbo. Lotuses grow in white and pink colors. It grows in murky ponds and shallow lakes, which are exposed to sun directly. The lotus plant originated from southern parts of Australia and Asia.

But today it can be found all over the world in aquatic cultures and hence its not an endangered plant. The lotus was and is still used in spiritual rituals in Middle East countries and has been used as a symbol of national unity in India.

The Health Benefits of Lotus Oil

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What is lotus oil used for ? Different parts of lotus are used as food and medicine in many countries in Asia. Roots of lotus can be pickled with garlic, chilies, and sugar or cooked to make a relish. Lotus seeds are dried and popped to resemble popcorn,in other counties; the seeds are used to flavor sweets when mashed to a paste.

Even though the lotus leaves are not eaten,they are used in savory dishes as a wrap. Lotus stamens and flower are dried to make a herbal tisane or flavor green tea as jasmine flowers. The tea made from lotus flower is used for its-antidepressant and sedating properties.

beauty of lotus flower
Beauty of lotus flower

Lotus seedpod and seeds are also used as medicine to treat diarrhea, hemorrhoids, syphilis, fevers and encourages sleep and it stops bleeding.

Lotus oil spiritual uses:

  • It provides basis for spiritual, mental and physical well being.
  • The strong properties of lotus oil gets rid of bad energy thus relaxes the body and helps to meditate.
  • The oil is used to cure sexual disorders in men and leucorrhea in women

The oil of lotus is extracted from petals through a solvent extraction process. The type lotus determines the lotus oil, which are pink, white, blue lotus oil. The lotus essential oil is considered much expensive aromatherapy oil in the market. This can be true due to the costly process of extraction.

The important thing to put in mind is that this essential oil should be diluted before applying on the skin.

The benefit of lotus essential oils has been practiced for centuries and they are widely acclaimed by many medical practitioners throughout the world. However, the traditional medical initially used these essential oil to soothe senses that have recently found it way in modern allopathic medicines.

Even if the lotus essential oil is for cosmetic or therapeutic purpose. It has a positive effect on our nervous system, which is unquestionable.

15 Amazing Health Benefits of Lotus Essential Oil

Lotus essential oils are used as care products example; body lotion, massage oils, and bath soaps. Its rich fragrance provides peacefulness. The fragrance of this essential oils makes the body to breathe deeply. The effect of relaxation from this lotus essential oil increases tranquility.

1. Sweet aroma

The lotus essential oil triggers the sense of smell because of it’s intensely, earthy, floral, sweet and soft smelling fragrance.

2. Lotus oil benefits for skin.

When Lotus essential oil is used for massage reaching to every part of the body causing a deep relaxation to the body. Hence assisting in maintaining skin beauty.

3. Aromatherapy.

The lotus essential oilcan be directly inhaled. The oil should always be used in a diffuser and diluted with a carrier oil. It can also beused as a room freshener.

4. Astringent

Lotus essential oil has properties of astringent, which treats blemishes and pimples

5. Improves texture of the skin

The components of lotus flower are protein, iron, linoleic acid, vitamin C, B, and phosphorus. The soothing and cooling properties of this essential oil improve the skin texture and condition.

6. Anti-aging.

The anti-aging properties in lotus essential oil help to repair proteins in the body. Applying this oil on the skin, it becomes smooth and young.


For these results, the oil can be blended together with sandalwood, citrus oils, and floral. It helps to prevent and treat skin infection.

7. Bath and Massage.

The lotus essential oil is used as massage oil or a bath oil that provide relaxation and pleasure. The oil sweet scent gives a relaxing effect to brain, muscle, and nerves.

8. Therapeutic uses

The lotus essential oil reduces anxiety hence calming the mind.. Aromatherapists use the lotus essential oil to treat medical conditions like depression, and nervousness.

9. Improves one’s concentration

The lotus oil enhances one to concentrate by giving one peace of mind and clarity.This also assist in one’s development

10. Improves Blood Circulation

The lotus oil has a warming effect that stimulates circulation of blood. The oil is competent enough to improve circulation of blood for proper and healthy functioning of the body. It helps in lowering high blood pressure.

11. Calms the nervous system

Lotus essential oil brings about sense of calmness. This cools the nerve system.

12. Improves appetite

The lotus essential oil tones one’s stomach, which in a big way increases appetite. In diabetic people, on the non-insulin one, the oil helps in realizing gastric juice

13. Source of energy

Lotus essential oil work effectively on gall blander, and liver that assist in alleviating anger. The oil also helps to realize internalized anger.

14. Neutralizes free radicals

This lotus essential oil has polysaccharides and flavonoids properties. That act as anti-inflammatory, antioxidants, and moisturizers.

15. Removes burn marks and injury.

When lotus essential oil is applied on a regular basis on injury or burn market removes them.

Side Effects of Lotus Essential Oil.

Like any other medicine, precaution should be taken when using lotus essential oil.

  • In medication of high diabetes, cholesterol, psychiatric or cardiac conditions, the phytochemicals presence in lotus causes problem.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should keep off this oil.
  • Before any use of lotus essential oil, one should first consult medical practitioner.


In conclusion, it is evident that the lotus essential oils has many benefits to our health as compared to the side effects. Most of the individuals who are already using the lotus essential oil claim that it brings good memories and healing.

This is brought about by the oil’s incredible scent that is used for aromatherapy and perfumery. However it is crucial to make sure you consult your doctor before using the essential oil to give you a go ahead. If your new to essential oils then see our: Essential Oils Guide

Medical information provided is for information purposes only. Always get guidance about a medical condition from a health care professional.
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