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Stop Flu with these Natural Flu Remedies

influenza_virusesWinter is coming and the flu virus is flexing its muscles. A lot of us will get a cold/flu depending on are immune system. Herbs can help boost are immune system making it harder for the flu virus to get us.

The influenza viruses is looking for a weakness in your system so it can strike don’t give it that opportunity. Build up your immune system with these:

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Five powerful natural flu remedies

Below you will find the best herbal remedies to fight flu:

1. Lemon Balm

Most people like the taste of lemon. By its self lemon has strong antiviral properties. That are great at fighting the flu but combined with ether chamomile, mint or ginger. It’s effects are multiplied.

natural flu remedies

2. Thyme

An excellent herb with many uses. Thyme can help clear your sinuses when cold or flu strikes. You can get dried thyme or essential oil of thyme. To loosen your sinuses and help clear mucus from your chest. Try Thyme Tea, simply put 1 tablespoon of thyme in boiling water to steep for 5 minutes. Drink and enjoy. Also try having a steam bath dried thyme or essential oil. There’s also commercial brands of bubble bath that have the main ingredient as Thyme. This should help loosen you up and help with breathing.

3. Sage

The best way to use, try a lovely hot cup of sage tea with honey or a steam bath. Sage’s main therapeutic help is with sore throat and cough. Warning don’t use if breastfeeding, it’s said to stop the milk production.


Echinacea is well-known herb that helps to boost the immune system and shorten the severity of the symptoms when the flu gets you. Echinacea can be drunk as herbal tea. There are many brands available but make sure you purchase one that has Echinacea as its main ingredient.

5. Garlic

We have saved the best for last. In the world of herbs garlic is considered a super herb. It just has so many uses. It is without doubt, one of the very best immune boosters. It has many medicinal uses and one of it’s best is warding off viruses that cause the flu. The easiest way to use garlic is simply sprinkling it on your daily dishes.

Other Ways To Fight The Flu

There’s also other ways to help prevent colds. First don’t have your central heating too high, for example. If you have your heating on say 20 degrees and then go outside where it’s only 5 degrees. Your going to get a chill.

This will give opportunity for the virus to punch its way into your system. Much better to turn your heating down and just ware a jumper. It may be cold outside but taking a brisk walk outside will get your body and immune system accustomed to the temperate. It will also give you a boost of vitamin D. As your body generates vitamin D from natural sunlight.

Put the coffee away and start your day with ginger lemon and honey tea. Delicious and also “Fight’s That Flu”

Make sure to get plenty of vitamin C and keep those magical Herbs at the ready.

Medical information provided is for information purposes only. Always get guidance about a medical condition from a health care professional.

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