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Nervine Herbs for Anxiety and Stress

Nervine HerbsToday we are going to introduce you to a category of herbs called ” nervine “. As the name suggests these herbs help your nervous system, more specifically they have a calming and sedative effect. In this article we explain all you need to know about nervine herbs for treating anxiety and stress.

Most people experience issues that cause tension, stress and anxious once in their lives. It is normal to feel any of these, but if a person is most often suffer anxieties, become tense or stressed due to minor and trivial reasons, then it must be checked to prevent serious disorders like depression in later stages of life.

Instead of being an addict to sedatives and drugs to get rid of stress or tension, nervine herb have a magical spells in alleviating all these. The herb contains essential chemical constituents that affect the function of the heart and brain.

This herb has a relaxing and stimulating effect in the nervous system. Nervine herbs are more useful to those people who are suffering from emotional distress. These herbs should not be used as an alternative to drugs recommended by your physician.


Overview of  Nervine Herbs

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A nervine is a plant cure. It has a significant impact on the sense organs in remarkable ways. This makes the word nervine into a bit of a complete expression. Successful treatment of nerve system difficulties with these herbs. Will involve treating not only the signs & symptoms but also the whole body. Life being such a tension and problem for humankind today these herbs can be of excellent use and importance.


They are categorized into; Nutritive, Gentle Sedative and Activating nervines.

Nutritive Nervines

These herbs are rich in mineral and vitamin. They build up the nervous system over a period. In addition, they have a gentle relaxing response. These herbs also strengthen and revive sense organs if taken in daily basis over a couple of weeks .

It is advised to take these herbs in liquid form: that is you put herbs in a jar, add boiled (while still hot)water over the herbs and let it soak for about four to twelve hours. They include; linden (Tiliaamericana),oatstraw (Avena sativa) and nettles (Urticadioica).

Gentle Nervines

These can be consumed daily as herbal tea and it has no harmful effects. They can also be taken together with drugs prescribed by physician, as they are less likely to cause adverse reaction. The herb can be taken in liquid or tincture form.

The types of herbs include; catnip, wood betony, chamomile, skullcap, lemon balm, passionflower, Lavender, Motherwort and California poppy.


Benefits of Catnip

Its simulation is like that of gentle nervine on many adults but moderate sedative in children.

In case of digestive cramping, the Catnip herb is beneficial.

Wood Betony

This herd has a moderate calming effect on sense aid in lowering tension and anxiety. To those with migraines and headaches caused by nerve tension, this herb can be used as remedy.


It has harmless and essential nervine actions in adults and children. It reduces irritation, soother’s restlessness and stimulates peaceful sleep. It helps in baby teething and reduces fever in children.


It can be useful to people with insomnia because it has nervine properties. It can also aid to reduce cramping of the intestines, uterus and of the back.

Lemon Balm

It is a gentle and moderate sedative nervine. It is helpful in reducing nervousness, anxiety and in some cases aid with insomnia. The tea of this herb acts as a cooling diaphoretic. It is used as a treatment for hyperactive children.

Recipe for Gentle Nervine Tea

One part each of Peppermint, chamomile, and linden

Quarter part each of catnip, lemon balm, skullcap, and wood betony

Sedative Herbs

They work by reducing functional activities. These herbs are very strong. They are consumed to lower nervous tension, neuro-muscular spasms, insomnia and pain. They cannot be taken with any anti-psychotic drug. These herbs are taken only in their tincture form due to their strong flavor. They include; Valerian, Hops, Black Cohosh and kava.


This herb aid in reducing anxiety and tension and insomnia resulting from pain or an overactive mind. The fresh extract of this herb helps to relax smooth muscles and skeletal muscles as it has a strong antispasmodic action. It aids in digestion and reproductive cramps,muscle spasms of the neck, back, and legs.


Its flowers are sedative and relaxant that can help with insomnia. They have potent nervine and calm actions that can be used in reducing nervousness and anxiety. It has also digestive antispasmodic properties. It is should be taken thirty to sixty drops one to two hours before bedtime.

Recipe for Sedative Extract

Mix equal parts of fresh; valerian (fresh root), hops, passion flower, and California poppy

Take thirty to ninety drops, in four ounces of water.

Activating Nervines.

These herbs stimulate the nervous system. They can be either gently or stronger. The gently activating herbs are; peppermint, ginger, rosemary and lavender. They can be used regularly. The stronger acting activating nervines should not be used regularly and in excess as this can fatigue the nervous system.

However, they are the most abused herbs as people take them daily and in excess. Apart from tolerance, addiction and withdrawal complications due to their high intake, they also have the potential for leading to adrenal exhaustion. They include; coffee bean, tea, Yerba mate and Gotu kola.


Herbal Infusions Tisanes and TeasHow to make a infusion. Put two to four full tablespoons of the selected herb into a sixteen-ounce mason jar, drain two cups of hot water on the herb, and then cover the vessel with a lid Leave the tea to soak for a minimum of thirty minutes then sieve and drink. (Note)For better results, be sure to use hot water, which is yet to boil.

This is because of certain heat delicate herbs example; skullcap, passionflower, and chamomile.

Drinking four to eight ounces of the tea for three hours before bedtime, and then drink another two to four ounces an hour before bedtime This straight method of making tea is less prone to cause a person with insomnia to wake and have to urinate in the middle of the night.


Nervine herbs to treat stress, anxiety, tension and intense nerve system syndrome are becoming popular again. You should be cautious and discuss using them with your doctor if you are taking prescription medications for other conditions.

Those using herbal medicines should also be assured that the products they are buying are safe and contain what they are supposed to. Herbal supplements should be made to the strictest standards possible particularly being of pharmaceutical grade.

The supplement should also have gone through rigorous testing to ensure their quality. Herbal component. Consumers should also be given science-based information on dosage, contraindications, and efficacy.

Medical information provided is for information purposes only. Always get guidance about a medical condition from a health care professional.

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