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Oregano Benefits

The word Oregano comes from ancient Greek and means something like mountains. The plant was originally native to the Mediterranean, but is now grown in warm regions worldwide. They like preferably calcareous subsoil respectively pine and oak forests or snow pine forests.

If the plant is harvested, so you cut the stems about a hand’s breadth above the ground from and then hangs it up to dry. Then the stems can then be stripped and stored. The flavor depends greatly on the air, from the ground or from the site. The drier the soil conditions, the more intense is its taste.

Oregano is Aromatic and Medicinal

Oregano is an aromatic and medicinal plant that belongs to the mint family and Dost, Marjoram. The plant is a natural antibiotic and also acts as strong fungicide, which is why it is often used in fungal infections. In addition, she has a blood-thinning effect and therefore also finds application in heart attack or stroke prevention.


Oregano has been used for about 300 to 400 years as a seasoning. A very important role is played by the plant, especially in the Greek, Spanish and Italian cuisine, as well as in phytotherapy. So it was already used by the Greeks as a remedy, what also Dioscurides in De Materia Medica reported. Hippocrates put the plant in a bath to help with hemorrhoids.

Also Hildegard von Bingen mentioned the healing effect of the plant in “red leprosy “(skin irritation, psoriasis). In addition, many believed that oregano could also protect against evil forces, therefore the plant was also tied in bridal bouquets. Today oregano is often a component of tea blends that with stomach or intestinal complaints are used.

In addition, the plant helps in aromatherapy with it’s essential role. Chinese physicians use the medicinal plant for many centuries for skin problems, diarrhea, fever or vomiting. As oregano also has a strong expectorant effect, it is also used in respiratory diseases application. Furthermore, the plant parasites hostile and helps in intestinal disorders.

Oregano For Health

Very effective are green smoothies with fresh oregano herb, although the taste is a bit strange at first. For a cup of tea one teaspoon of oregano is doused with 1/4 liter of hot water. Then allowed to drag him for five minutes. When coughing the tea should be drunk several times a day. Ear and toothache or inflammation of the mouth and throat but can be relieved by gargling.

Who’s cold, can also bathe in Oregano. So the body is detoxified, since the plant the excites. But generally a Oregano bad is extremely relaxing and releases the tension of a stressful day on. This is just one of the many Oregano Benefits.

Oregano oil is more concentrated than the fresh or dried herb and is used as a natural antibiotic for infections such as MRSA staph, bacteria that have developed resistance to antibiotics. However, Oregano contains polyphenols which destroy even multi-resistant bacteria. Therefore, oregano oil is very common in bacterial respiratory infections applied or ears. This pathogenic germs are killed and inhibited the formation of inflammatory mediators.

Due to its anti-fungal effect, the oil is also used for fungal infections (e.g. Candida albicans). A particularly good effect shows a combination of oregano oil and coconut oil. Anyone who suffers from a Candida infection, a drop of oregano oil in a teaspoon of coconut oil and taking the mixture over a period of ten days at least once a day.

If the symptoms are still not disappeared, so the patients begin after a two-day break again taking over the same period. Those who wish can also use oregano oil capsules, their application is very simple. It is also important to drink plenty of water, so the body is supported detoxify. In addition, also bentonite should be taken (1 teaspoon once or twice daily), because so the precipitation is facilitated.

Oregano Oil

For skin problems, the mixture of coconut oil and oregano oil can also be applied externally. However, a treatment with oregano cream is also suitable for the hair and scalp and can also be applied after sunbathing. Furthermore, it helps scrapes , burns or insect bites. Moreover, in Oregano thymol, rosmarinic acid and thymoquinone contain substances that have an inhibitory effect on cancer cell division.

A rather undesirable side effect is the blood-thinning effect of the plant, since the effect of blood-thinning drugs still may additionally intensify. People who do not take such drugs, however, can benefit from it, because oregano oil improves blood quality and a thrombosis preventing.

During pregnancy or the lactation oregano oil should not be used. Also for babies and children, the oil is not suitable, since it is a very strong remedy. Furthermore, it should be noted when applied externally, that could potentially cause allergic reactions occur. It is therefore advisable to always apply oregano oil only in very small quantities or possibly to dilute it with water.

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