common figwort

Figwort Tea Benefits

Figwort herbal tea was traditionally used to treat tuberculosis. Today it’s better known as a detoxifying tea. Below you will discover the full health benefits of this interesting herbal tea. Figwort herb is also known by other names like Square Stalk, Rose-noble, Throatwort, Kernelwort, Heal-all Scrofula Plant, Throatwort, and Carpenter’s-square. Figwort herbs botanical name is …

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pipsissewa herb

Pipsissewa Herb Benefits

Discover the main Pipsissewa Herb Benefits for your health. The herb Pipsissewa has been used by Native American Indians for thousands of years to treat Urinary Tract Infections (U.T.I.s) The homeopathic medicine field is full of potent herbal plants that prevent and can even treat almost all diseases. It is no secret that some of the …

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Turmeric for Cholesterol [Get Rid of Cholesterol]

Today you will learn the facts about Turmeric for lowering cholesterol and what the scientific research say’s. Turmeric the super herb is beginning to be recognised by western medicine for it’s many health benefits. This should not be surprising, as in Eastern medicine it’s been used for centuries. The health wise people amongst us are …

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