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Peppermint Benefits

Peppermint , Latin “Mentha piperita” , is used in almost every household, mostly found as tea. It belongs to the genus of the mint, from the mint family.

The plant of Peppermint is up to 90 centimeters high. Used the leaves of the herb, which are oblong to oval. The typical taste is determined by a high concentration of menthol in the leaves.

The present form of peppermint is randomly created by the intersection of two types of mint, but was cultivated due to its strong taste. The plant grows in the temperate zone, and there is growing pretty straightforward in any garden.

Peppermint is a remedy used versatile. It can be used only the leaves or the oils obtained therefrom. This is obtained by steam from the leaves of peppermint and contains menthol and Methon also tannins, phenolic acid and flavonoids.


Peppermint BenefitsPeppermint is suitable for internal and external application. It is used as a tea, tincture, envelope or in bathrooms. As medicaments, it is administered in the form of sugar-coated tablets and capsules. Peppermint is very versatile, because their mode of action is very extensive. In addition to an antibacterial effect, peppermint also has antispasmodic and sedative and may pain relief, especially for stomach and intestinal complaints.


Furthermore, peppermint benefits acts cholagogue and therefore helps bloating . For external application of oil of peppermint is achieved on the skin a cooling effect as it evaporates very quickly and the skin extracts heat. So it is refreshing, but it can also relieve pain in tension bring. Moreover peppermint is in nasal sprays contain since it can be for a short time decongest the mucous membranes and thus facilitate breathing. However, it can not tolerate any oils of peppermint.

In rare cases, the application or ingestion of products containing peppermint cause hypersensitivity symptoms such as contact dermatitis and nausea or diarrhea occur. Therefore, infants should not be in contact with the essential oils , as they occur in ointments or creams. However, a mild tea of peppermint is safe. Peppermint tea benefits.

Positive Effect of Peppermint on Health

The positive effect of peppermint has been known for a long time in society. As a matter of course, most people engage with indigestion to a tea of peppermint. For the prevention of these complaints, the tea is also recommended, because of the daily consumption of peppermint is safe.

Many cuisines use peppermint to refine their dishes and make more digestible. It is very tasty in soups, salads and vegetable preparations of zucchini and eggplant do not forget the mint sauce for lamb in England. The menthol peppermint is capable of both diarrhea as well as constipation to help.

Many sauna infusions contain peppermint, as it refreshes and promotes relaxation effect of the sauna sessions. Sticks with a high concentration of peppermint can in conjunction with a light massage for the prevention of tension headaches and migraines are used.Because peppermint is also used in case of complaints of the upper respiratory tract, cold baths can help that with an addition of peppermint cold not even break out.

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