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Rosemary Herb

The rosemary herb thrives on the Mediterranean and loves all sunny, arid climates and calcareous soil. In Portugal, on the Ionian Sea and on the Black Sea. The plant is a mint and is characterized by an evergreen growth. The leaves are long, narrow and tight and are located on the so-called star-haired, felt-like.

The rosemary forms inconspicuous flowers that bloom throughout the year. The Rosemary is excellent with his hairy and curled towards the underside leaves adapted to the dry and very warm environment.

Can be used as an intense spice herb. For this reason, Rosemary is a culinary herb and is suitable not only for seasoning spicy and rustic dishes, but also as a flavoring to jelly from apples and herb butter. In addition, Rosemary unfolded when burning an incense-like odor.

Rosemary has an important meaning in the context of natural medicine because rosemary is considered a medicinal plant . The medical applications are based on both the strong germicidal and antiseptic effects and called on the essential oils contained in the plant in sufficient quantities.


Rosemary Herb

More or less well-known are the intense acting and known by their properties rosemary oils. These oils are suitable for both internal and external treatments and are happy to use as part of aromatherapy. Another use of rosemary is a honey which is extracted from the flowers of rosemary herb and during long storage has an ointment-like consistency.

The ingredients of rosemary are characterized by circulation-promoting, skin-irritating and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, rosemary is used in tea as highly appetizing. But in overdoses as exhilarating and triggering spasm.

For people who suffer health problems due to a reduced bile flow, rosemary is recommended as bile stimulating non-prescription medicines. This also applies if symptoms persist with the stomach and the intestine by digestive juices and too little in terms of bladder problems. Rosemary Herb stimulates urine output.

In the form of oil baths and as rosemary alcohol can rosemary relief of disorders of blood circulation and a weakness of the cycle as well as gout and rheumatism bring. Processed into ointments, provides the rosemary, either alone or in combination with other medicinal plants excellent support therapy against migraine and headache is.

Rosemary For Health

For people who suffer from hardly healing open wounds, ointments and infusions of rosemary are considered a natural remedy, which kills pathogens inflammation and acts as a disinfectant. This promotes wound healing. In addition, all natural remedy rosemary free of side effects and risks.

A previously widely used feature is the so-called anti-microbial effects of rosemary oil in relation to the killing of pathogenic bacterial strains, yeasts and molds that can in particular result in numerous skin diseases. For this reason, bath additives are recommended with rosemary as extremely beneficial.

Rosemary also has therapeutic importance in depression , epilepsy and one of many chronic physical illnesses. An astringent, astringent effect of rosemary demonstrated by the fact that it is used as a tonic and antispasmodic and in analgesic preparations.

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