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Tarragon Herb

Tarragon herb brought from Asia to Europe, because the word tarragon stems from the Arabic language. In the monastery gardens she was soon a valued herb. Other names like Dragon and snake herb owes the plant a widespread superstition that Estragon Keep kites and help with snakebites. In China it was mentioned as a spice 2000-1000 BC.

Even today, Tarragon in Asia native, just to the northwest of America, Russia and Europe, where it is mainly grown in France and Italy. wormwood and mugwort are distant relatives of tarragon. All belong to the genus Artemisia. The perennial plant grows up to two meters high and prefers sunny locations with rich, but not too moist soil. If the herbs bloom form the small yellow flowers panicles.

The plant is easy to propagate by division of the rootstock and grows relatively quickly. It grows not only in the garden, but can also easily pull in flowerpot. Two types, the so-called true French tarragon and Russian, also Siberian Estragon are also known.

Tarragon for health, treatment and prevention


Dried_TaragonThanks to its numerous ingredients Estragon is appreciated not only in the kitchen but also in naturopathy. The field of application of tarragon is quite extensive. In the Middle Ages, the herbalist, the substances took advantage and put them against the plague a. Due to their relatively high vitamin C content was Estragon in scurvy used. In ancient Rome, the soldiers drank a decoction against exhaustion . And with toothache helped chewing tarragon roots.

In India, there was a special forces potion of tarragon and fennel. Today especially the essential oils to strengthen the digestive organs are estimated. Bitter substances stimulate the production of gastric juices, and help with digestion lush food.

At the same time they are appetizing and relieve flatulence. There is evidence that chewing fresh leaves helps with the hiccups. When drinking tea promotes tarragon renal activity. Even a small amount of tea can have effect it is said.

The stimulating effect on the metabolism makes the plant become a popular remedy for rheumatism and gout . The obstetrics benefited by the phytosterols in tarragon. They have a regulating effect on the menstrual cycle and can trigger delayed menstrual bleeding. Pregnant women should therefore at least one to be careful at the start because the herbs have a menstruation-enhancing and can trigger a miscarriage.

At the menopause, the herb in good stead. Reduce your phytohormones ailments like hot flashes , depressive moods , irritability and headaches . The vitamin C makes the plant a probaten remedy for colds , springtime lethargy and coughing . A cup of tarragon tea in the evening calm and helps you fall asleep.

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