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Thyme Herb Benefits

A total of 214 different types of thyme . The best known is the True Thyme. Except in the medical field of spicy aromatic thyme is used in the kitchen as a seasoning herb. The Provencal cuisine is unthinkable without thyme. In medicine, thyme is known as a medicinal herb and remedies for centuries.

Thyme is found mainly in the Mediterranean region. It grows in southern Europe and North Africa. Some species have become naturalized in Central Europe. Thyme grows wild in many country’s. It is also cultivated in herb gardens and cultivated.

Uses of Thyme Benefits

Thyme has many health benefits. Not for nothing thyme is called a “jack of all trades”. He is one of the wonders plants on our earth. Most important is its essential oil with the main agents phenols, carvacrol and thymol. Flowers and leaves contain tannins and flavonoids plus.


The healing properties of thyme was well-known to the ancient Greeks. The essential oils can be removed from the airways thyme tight mucus. For cough with expectoration thyme can therefore loosen the mucus and the patient can cough it better. Even with acute bronchitis thyme has a beneficial effect on healing. These are just some of the many, Thyme herb benefits.


Thyme has also an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect. Therefore thyme comes as also in solutions which prescribed a doctor in inflammation of the mouth or throat.

Also in skin diseases like Eczema thyme is used. Here, the antibacterial effect of thyme comes back into play. Furthermore thyme acts upon itching and breastfeeding.

Both in the kitchen and in the medicine thyme is also known for its digestive properties. Just meat or sausage with thyme often more digestible.

As varied as the effects of thyme, so different are the forms in which thyme can be administered. In respiratory diseases there are medicines with the active ingredients of thyme as juices, in the form of drops or as mouthwashes. Even as a tea, tincture or as an addition to a steam bath can be used thyme.

Thyme for health

The importance of thyme for health , to prevent disease and in the treatment of diseases is quite simply limitless.

Thyme is one of the most important herbs in medicine. Besides the known effects on respiratory and skin diseases , researchers have examined many other effects that thyme has probably possible. For herbalist and medical practitioner, these other effects of thyme have long been known. Put thyme, for example as a pain killing substance. Thyme is one of the most powerful natural antibiotic .

Thyme has so much more also a fungicide effect. Thus the essential oil of thyme can be used for example as a room fragrance and circulating in the air molecules act against existing bacteria and fungal spores. Researchers are also investigating an antiviral effect of thyme. Thus, thyme can be used as “air freshener” in nursing stations to fungal spores and bacteria.

Many effects of thyme are indeed not scientifically proven, but partially exercised in practice for centuries.

Fragrance lamps with thyme oils or inhalations with essential oils of thyme can also click the equally psyche affect the people. This effect is virtually unknown. Thyme has a calming, mood-enhancing and improving concentration.

Preventive helps thyme also against colds . This knowledge is not new and already people many centuries ago knew the preventive effect of thyme. The saying “the next cold is sure to come, but not to the one who takes thyme …” is no accident. Daily three cups of thyme tea sweetened with honey prevents colds.

Even people who often halitosis suffer, thyme can be used preventively. As Toothpaste Thyme ensures a spicy-fresh scent.

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